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NDT Surface Inspection for the Aerospace MRO Industry

NDT Surface Inspection for the Aerospace MRO Industry

Surface Inspection for Aircraft Maintenance


Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul centers (MRO companies), aircraft manufacturers and airlines that perform NDT inspections for in-service aircraft maintenance have increasing pressure to complete their assessments the fastest way possible. In fact, the longer an airplane is grounded, the more airlines lose money.

Creaform offers a simple, user-independent and accurate NDT solution, which includes a 3D scanner and SmartDENT 3D™ software. This solution saves users both time and money—without compromising diagnosis results and safety.


SmartDENT 3D Software


SmartDENT 3D is the first dedicated 3D visualization software on the market designed for 3D assessments and characterization of dent damages located on aircraft surfaces. It offers a guided workflow approach to simplify the measurement extraction of 3D scan data to get exactly the dimensions required for assessment of in-service airplanes.

The goal of the software is to greatly reduce operators’ impact on measurements results and shorten the time to generate final reports.

Key functionalities
  • Guided workflow
  • Measures length and width of dent damages, closest neighbours, closest internal structure, maximum depth and maximum depth of dent to closest internal structure, etc.
  • Assesses the ratio of maximum depth on length & width
  • Offers an easy visualization with colormaps for all features
  • Step-by-step process to perfectly bridge the gap between data acquisition and reporting operations
  • Instant, comprehensive reporting
  • Speed: 80 times faster than the pit gauge technique! It’s a fast and reliable airplane surface damage inspection tool to get aircrafts back in service.
  • Flexibility: Versatile software that can be used for corrosion and dents.
  • TRUsimplicity: Easy-to-use software that requires no advanced metrology skills. It enables users to address real applications.
  • TRUaccuracy: The most accurate device regardless of instabilities in the environment or the users’ expertise. It provides reliable, accurate, and repeatable results, which are traceable for future analysis.
  • TRUportability: Portable devices that gives you the opportunity to assess on-site damages.

Software Licencing
Our application software modules are all offered in the following licensing options: node-lock licence, hardware dongle licence and network licence.


Need a fast, simple and accurate alternative to pit gauges?

Easy! Try our NDT solution to save time and money on performing surface assessments.



Rugged field pack with wireless tablet

Portable workstation with wireless tablet

NDT service companies can count on a complete accessory package especially designed to optimize efficiency and reduce turnaround times.


  • Wireless tablet powered by VXremote
  • Rugged case with multi-terrain wheels adapted to field environments
  • All-in-one transport case that converts into a convenient portable workstation
  • Magnetic supports for 3D scanner and tablets

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3D scanner external battery

3D Scanner External Battery

Delivering up to four hours of autonomy, the 3D scanner’s lightweight external battery facilitates data acquisition. Ideal for short-term projects, it provides total freedom of movement. The external battery is the perfect tool for constrained areas.

VXremote ™ Remote Access Software Application

VXremote™ Remote Access Software Application

For increased portability in the field, NDT technicians can use VXremote to get fast and easy remote access to SmartDENT 3D. The rugged tablet offers quick activation and set-up without any hardware.

Get SmartDENT 3D’s data acquisition functionalities right at your fingertips!

*VXremote is only available with Creaform certified rugged tablets.

**Availability may vary depending on regions.


Interested in SmartDENT 3D?

Contact us now and one of our experts will help you find the perfect NDT solution for your company's needs.