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Designed specifically to address the needs of the most demanding dimensional metrology professionals in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. It can tackle any quality control or product development applications where tolerances require increased accuracy, while remaining portable and flexible.


NDT SOLUTIONS: Remove interpretation from the equation

With its prominent expertise and credibility earned in the field of metrology, Creaform has developed disruptive solutions for surface damage assessment that are now accessible to all NDT industries. Simply put, Creaform’s 3D scanning technologies and innovative NDT software platform offer the solution to these challenges.


MetraSCAN 3D R-Series: Robot-mounted optical CMM 3D scanner

MetraSCAN 3D-R optical CMM scanners are powerful, innovative robotmounted solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into automated quality control processes for atline inspections in mass production. The cutting-edge technology, unique to MetraSCAN 3D-R™ 3D scanners, enables manufacturing companies to detect quality issues faster and base their corrective actions on better statistical analyses. The ultimate goal? Manufacturers can optimize their production process and produce parts of better quality.



VXelements: Fully integrated 3D software platform

VXelements is a powerful integrated 3D software platform that works in complete synergy with the entire fleet of Creaform’s 3D measurement and scanning solutions. It gathers all essential elements and tools into an intuitive, user-friendly working environment.


HandySCAN 3D|SILVER Series

The SILVER Series is part of the HandySCAN 3D™ line-up, the industry standard in portable metrology-grade 3D scanners. This proven and trusted patented technology captures accurate and repeatable 3D measurements of any complex surface in any location.


HandySCAN 3D|BLACK Series

HandySCAN 3D lineup is a proven and patented measuring instrument that allows accurate 3D measurements from anywhere, making it the most effective and reliable 3D scanner for product development, manufacturing and quality control.


MetraSCAN 3D

Fast, accurate, and versatile, the MetraSCAN 3D™ optical CMM scanner line-up is designed for manufacturing and metrology professionals who want to deliver approved quality parts quickly and efficiently.



The Go!SCAN 3DTM is our fastest, user-friendly handheld 3D scanner. A powerful tool during the product development phase, the Go!SCAN 3D quickly measures any complex surface making it possible to “get it right” the first time. With its seamless integration to your 3D modelling software and your product life cycle management workflow, it will greatly improve product development, foster innovation and shorten time to market.

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The complete solution for dimensional inspection in quality control applications

Creaform’s comprehensive range of portable and automated 3D optical measurement technologies is specifically dedicated to dimensional inspection for quality control in production environments. It combines the power of optical portable CMMs, 3D scanners, photogrammetry and fully integrated dimensional inspection software.

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Creaform Portable Workstation

Today’s production and field environments need portable dimensional inspection solutions that offer the same accuracy, reliability and repeatability as measurement technologies found in metrology labs. Take full advantage of Creaform’s 3D scanners’ portability with our portable workstation for easy 3D scanning on shop floors or out in the field.