First-Rate 3D Metrology and Scanning Solutions

While Creaform's proprietary, portable 3D measurement devices are used everyday by experts in manufacturing, product development, and engineering alike, its first-rate metrology services yield tangible, consistent and precise results.

Creaform can support 3D modeling efforts, quality control operations, technological integrations and fine-grained calibration procedures. Reverse engineering paves the way for endless applications ranging from model reconstruction to data preparation for digital simulation. Among the successful solutions tailored to the clients' needs are examples of robot calibration, 3D documentation of living organisms and damage assessment, to name a few.

Creaform: Leader in Metrology Solutions

Creaform has its corporate headquarters in Lévis, Québec, and services a vast host of industries ranging from automotive and manufacturing to research and education. The company boasts an enviable reputation as one of the world leaders in metrology and 3D measurement systems and devices. With a team of experienced experts, Creaform delivers prompt and effective results, with precision at the cornerstone of its development. Its hardware and software-based solutions are matched only by its quality services in metrology and 3D scanning. With offices in Europe, Asia, and in the Americas, Creaform is among the most innovative, adaptive and versatile metrology companies.

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