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NDT Pipeline Mechanical Damage Assessment Solution that is ASME B31G Compliant

For many years, requirements for mechanical damage inspection have resulted in large numbers of dents that were not categorized as critical. However, pipeline failures caused from dents have raised concerns towards these requirements and NDT inspection methods. Being able to accurately identify critical dents before they cause failure—all while avoiding costly operations—is paramount to any pipeline inspector. Considering these factors, pipeline engineers and NDT inspectors are looking for accuracy, reliability and traceability when choosing an inspection tool.

Creaform’s NDT solutions features a mechanical damage assessment module to analyze damage, such as dents, gouges in the metal and other surface deformations that can be harmful for the environment. Pipeline operators can rely on these innovative tools to generate instant and reliable on-site reports—a key factor in reducing maintenance costs for the safe operation of oil and natural gas transportation and storage infrastructure. The mechanical assessment module enables applications, such as strain-based assessments, in accordance with the ASME B31.8 standard.

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