Discover Creaform ACADEMIA, an educational solution suite for forward-thinking teachers and researchers looking to inspire, collaborate, and push the innovation envelope forward by using the latest advancements in 3D measurement technologies.

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The power to innovate using 3D scanning

Taking an object from the physical world and bringing it into the digital world is a very important knowledge that students who aspire to become engineers must acquire. 3D scanning is therefore highly relevant for engineering students because they will be called upon to use it once working in the industry.



Benefit from the unprecedented speed, remarkable portability, and unrivalled accuracy for which Creaform 3D scanning solutions are renowned. Your ahead-of-the-curve research projects and teaching curricula will only be enhanced with our innovative and award-winning 3D scanners.

  • Selection of metrology-grade 3D measurement technologies from the Creaform lineup
  • Creaform ACADEMIA software covering reverse engineering and inspection
  • 2-year ACADEMIA Customer Care Plan
  • Optional accident coverage, warranty extension, and calibration services
  • E-learning courses for hardware and software

Which 3D scanner is right for you?

peel 3 peel 3   Go!SCAN 3D Go!SCAN 3D   HandySCAN 3D | SILVER Series HandySCAN 3D
  Série HandySCAN 3D BLACK HandySCAN 3D
BLACK Series
Accuracy up to 0.250mm   Accuracy up to 0.050mm   Accuracy 0.030mm   Accuracy 0.025mm
White light (LED)   99 white light scanning lines   14 blue laser lines   30 blue laser lines
Multi-function LCD touchscreen   Color acquisition   More than 5,000 users worldwide   Certified ISO 17025
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ACADEMIA software package

Creaform ACADEMIA leverages the power of the latest innovations in metrology and 3D measurement technology, including Creaform’s powerful and fully integrated 3D application software suite, which will enable you to advance your ultra-specific research and improve your curriculum. With Creaform ACADEMIA, you get 50 seats – completely free of charge.*

Included in the solution:

Acquisition modules:
VXelements VXscan / VXprobe / VXshot or peel.OS
Applications modules:
VXmodel Scan-to-CAD and VXinspect|Elite Dimensional Inspection Software Module

*with the purchase of a Creaform 3D measurement solution

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Remain on the cusp of innovation

"At Creaform, we believe that in order to conduct innovative and high-quality research and deliver impactful teaching, academics must be at the forefront of technology. Creaform ACADEMIA provides researchers and teachers with powerful 3D measurement technologies that will maximize the potential of their research projects and education curricula. The future is yours – today. Contact Creaform’s dedicated team for academics and learn more about Creaform ACADEMIA."

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Fields of study and learning programs

Creaform’s 3D measurement technologies have been included in a growing number of higher education curricula and research projects. Here are just some of the fields in which Creaform has helped research teams make important discoveries.

Science and Engineering

Creaform ACADEMIA was developed to address the realities and challenges of today’s demanding engineering sectors, including the aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing industries. Creaform’s 3D measurement technologies can be used for, among other things, product development, first article inspection, and reverse engineering.

Applied Sicence

Creaform ACADEMIA is also perfect for hands-on and practical applied science projects, such as production conformity inspection, damage assessment, and maintenance operations.

Industrial Design and Styling

Creaform’s 3D metrology solutions can be used at various stages of the development process to help support product creation and manufacturing. That’s why Creaform ACADEMIA is the perfect solution suite for top industrial design schools that want to give access to cutting-edge technology to their students.

Natural Science and Archeology

The portability of 3D measurement technologies such as those developed by Creaform make them highly suited for outdoor work, they are widely used in heritage preservation and virtual reproductions, as well as in restoring damaged pieces, scanning artifact collections, and scaling architectural models up or down.

Research Projects

Our devices can be used for any demanding research project that requires accurate 3D measurements regardless of the field—from 3D data archiving to measurement comparisons and distortion studies.

Service Centers

Educational institutions can get excellent ROI by using Creaform devices to carry out 3D measurement projects for companies from the private or public sector.