3D technology in education & research

3D technology in education & research

The cornerstone of optical 3D measurement technologies



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Optical 3D measurement technologies are considered by many quality control and design experts to be the future of dimensional metrology, especially when it comes to industrial applications. Therefore, a growing number of worldwide higher education institutions have been using and teaching them. Since Creaform believes in the importance of higher education and research for the future of the industry, it offers educational packages with highly accurate and easy to use portable technologies. It was specifically created for research and teaching staff as well as their students so they can have the opportunity to train and use cutting-edge 3D equipment.

3D technology in education & research

Education packages

Education packages

Our Educational 5‑year turnkey Packages include:

  • Hardware (3D scanner, portable CMM or photogrammetry devices)
  • 50 educational bundle licenses of VXmodel, our scan-to-CAD or scan‑to‑3D printer software, and VXinspect, our dimensional inspection software module.
  • 1 Customer Care Program, comprising:
    • 1‑year warranty on parts and labor
    • 5‑year software updates and technical support
    • 2 system maintenance
    Teaching resources
    • 1 Reverse Engineering Teaching Manual
    • 1 Quality Control/Inspection Teaching Manual

This turnkey package will bring you all the tools needed for a worry-free learning and research experience.

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Teacher resources

Free Download for a full overview!

Portable 3D Scanners

Teaching Manual – Reverse engineering

This manual presents theoretical information and general concepts on reverse engineering. Why resort to this process, what tools are there for you to use, what are the best practices? Download this guide to get the full overview!

Free download‑reverse engineering manual
Portable 3D Scanners

Teaching Manual – Quality Control / Inspection

This manual focus on the theory and general concepts of the quality control / inspection process, its usefulness, best practices as well as the existing means and technologies available. Read it all to obtain the whole picture!

Free download‑quality control manual


Study fields and learning programs

The Creaform 3D measurement technologies are included in a growing number of higher education learning programs and used as learning tools.

Science and Engineering

The Creaform technologies are up to the challenge for demanding application fields in engineering schools or engineering programs, like aerospace and automotive.

  • Wear and distortion control
  • Control and adjustment of tooling
  • Product development
  • Production conformity inspection
  • 1st article inspection
  • Reverse engineering
  • Assembly assistance
Applied Sciences

Our 3D measurement solutions are perfect for hands-on and practical science projects.

  • Maintenance
  • Damage assessment
  • Production conformity inspection
Industrial Design and Styling

Our devices can be used at various stages of the development process to help support product creation and manufacturing. It’s the perfect solution for top industrial design schools that want to give access to cutting-edge technology to their students.

  • Product development
  • Reverse engineering
  • Production conformity inspection
  • Rapid prototyping
Natural Sciences and Archaeology

The Creaform technologies are widely used in these disciplines, as their portability makes them perfect for outdoor work.

  • Heritage preservation
  • 3D scanning of artefact collections
  • Restoration and reconstruction of damaged pieces
  • Virtual reproductions
  • Scaling up/down of architectural models
Research Projects

Our devices can be used for anything from 3D data archiving to measurement comparisons to distortion studies.

Service Centres

Educational institutions can get excellent ROI by using the Creaform devices to carry out 3D measurement projects for companies from private or public sectors.


Want to transfer knowledge and skills with the most accurate, easy to use and portable 3D metrology technologies?

Take advantage of our Educational Packages! Creaform gives you the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology in a worry-free learning and research experience.