Quality control (QC) and Inspection Services
Quality control (QC) and Inspection Services

Quality control (QC) and Inspection Services

Thanks to our team of experienced metrologists, you are guaranteed thoroughness and efficiency. Among our wide array of cutting-edge metrology devices and methods, we always pick the ones that will best suit your quality control (QC) and inspection needs, whether they are related to precision, cost or time.

Quality Control and Dimensional Inspection

  • Complete coverage of the QC process, as an external partner
  • Metrologists and application engineers with proven Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) expertise
  • Inspection in a controlled environment (Creaform facility), at the client’s premises or in any other environment
  • Probing, non-contact (scanning) and conventional metrology
  • Quality control services powered by Creaform's truly portable equipment in non-controlled environments (shop floor inspection, in-line or at-line inspection)
  • High accuracy enabled by dynamic referencing models (not affected by changes in the environmental conditions)
  • Automated QC solutions
  • Custom inspection macro programming to generate automated inspection reports
  • Statistical analysis, including First Article Inspection (FAI) and Process Capability Index (Cp & Cpk)
  • Inspection using a laser tracker
  • Machine and fixture measurement, adjustment, and alignment
  • Dimensional inspection reports based on the client’s standards

Complex Surface Inspection

  • Complex surface inspection
  • 3D deformation and deviation analysis
  • Non-contact metrology inspection (3D scan-based inspection)
  • Wear analysis
  • Visual 3D reports, profile deviation color mapping, 2D sections analysis, boundary analysis
  • In-depth technical expertise in interpretation of analysis results
  • 3D free form surface profile measurement analysis
  • Quality control (QC) services

World Class 3D Part Measurement Services

Creaform provides turnkey quality control (QC) solutions that can be integrated to factory automation projects, and used for in-line inspection. Moreover, Creaform's expertise and tools allow for the precise and efficient 3D measurement for parts of virtually any size.

Creaform provides integrated solutions that enable the detection of assembly problems early in the manufacturing process, while reducing waste and downtime to increase productivity and product quality.

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