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Storage Tank Inspections for oil and gas industry

The public’s concern of the environment puts a lot of pressure on oil companies to improve their environmental and health and safety practices. Storage tank inspection used to be a time-consuming process, but companies can now address public’s concerns using 3D scanning technology.

To reduce risk of human errors and ensure the reliability of the measurements, long range 3D scanning can be performed as an alternative to traditional manual inspection methods. High-precision laser scanning technologies are used to acquire measurements in three dimensions in a variety of applications, including:

  • Tank settlements: Determine the proper orientation of reservoirs by evaluating the angle and the shape of the floor with respect to gravity. This can be achieved with the help of Creaform’s NDT inspection solutions to gather data, such as bottom profiles, vertical profiles and out-of-roundness profiles, to generate tank inspection reports.
  • Strapping tables: These are used to estimate the volume of a reservoir or tank. The total volume of the tank is separated in layers from which it is possible to establish the height of the tank in relation to the entire volume with the strapping table.
  • Containment dike volume calculations: These are used to ensure that the retention pond is wide enough to contain 80% of the total tank volume in case of leakage.

From tank settlement to tank strapping to containment dike volume calculation, Creaform’s NDT testing solutions and comprehensive metrology services can help you carry out any 3D scanning projects. They provide accuracy and efficiency when and where you need it!