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New VXinspect: Dimensional inspection software module
VXinspect: Dimensional inspection software module

New VXinspect: Dimensional inspection software module

The 3D inspection software designed for first article inspection or quality control

VXinspect™ is an intuitive and powerful 3D inspection software designed for first article inspection (FAI) and production quality control. Directly integrated into Vxelements, it provides the simplest integration of probing, 3D scanning and photogrammetry measurements into quality control workflows.

Whether for performing part-to-CAD inspection or to build an entire inspection program, its intuitive interface is the best solution for all inspection workflows, with no compromises made on measurement quality and GD&T requirements.

VXinspect is available in two versions, depending on your type of work and workflow. VXinspect is a user-friendly software for scan data inspections that streamlines single part root cause analyses. VXinspect|Elite™ is a complete inspection and dimensional analysis software for advanced quality control applications.


CAD Import

VXinspect supports CAD import, allowing direct measurement comparisons with CAD models to better understand part manufacturing defects.

  • .IGES
  • .STEP
Multiple Measurement Mode

Vxinspect is the first software to seamlessly integrate photogrammetry, single‑point touch probe and non-contact measurement (scan) into one unique and intuitive software interface.

  • Photogrammetry
  • Probing
  • 3D Scanning
  • Mesh import

Before starting the dimensional inspection process, the position and orientation of the object in space are of the utmost importance. Aligning the part leads to more accurate results throughout the process, from data acquisition up to the final inspection report.

  • Entity selection
  • Best fit
  • Datum
  • RPS (Reference Points System)

VXinspect sophisticated algorithms and calculation methods offer an accessible way to apply GD&T practices and principles to the inspection project, even for users without extensive experience in GD&T notions.

  • Form and orientation tolerance
  • Profile and localization tolerance
  • Datum Reference Frame (DRF) construction using geometric counterparts



VXinspect covers all your FAI or production control needs

Inspection and Quality Control

  • Part-to-CAD analysis
  • First article and supplier quality inspection
  • Conformity assessment of 3D models against original parts/production tooling
  • Conformity assessment of manufactured parts against the originals/golden part
  • Tool & Jig Verification
  • Maintenance
  • Alignment
  • Deformation monitoring
  • Dynamic Measurement

Looking for a complete and integrated inspection solution?

Learn more about how VXinspect can help to improve your inspection process!

Feature Comparison

  VXscan / VXprobe / Vxshot VXmodel VXinspect VXinspect | Elite
Multiple Measurement Mode        
Mesh Editing        
Geometric Entities        
NURBS Surface        
Transfer to CAD software         
CAD import        
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)        
Multiple part inspection        

Software Licencing
Our application software modules are all offered in the following licensing options: node-lock licence, hardware dongle licence and network licence.


Optical Probing

Photogrammetric measurement in VXinspect can both greatly optimize the measurement process efficiency and increase the accuracy of the overall inspection. To completely benefit from this tool, Creaform offers the perfect starting kit for optical measurements. It is now possible to work from various inspection projects done with both the MaxSHOT 3D and the C‑Track, since the kit offers a wide range of accessories to measure numerous features such as circles, slots, edges/trim and surface points.


Experience the power and potential of integrated measuring solution.

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