VXinspect: dimensional inspection software module

VXinspect is a dimensional inspection software that enables quality control and quality assurance professionals to perform inspections and generate reports based on meticulous engineering requirements.

Whether for performing simple dimensional analysis or building an extensive inspection program, VXinspect offers a complete toolset for all inspection workflows, with no compromises on measurement quality or GD&T requirements.

Thousands of users, satisfied with its performance and intuitiveness, have already endorsed VXinspect, considering it the quality inspection software that offers the most value for the money spent.

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What can VXinspect offer you?


Rigorous development has led to VXinspect’s powerful tools and features, which are accessible and easy to learn, as well as simple to integrate and operate thanks to the intuitive interface.


With VXinspect, manufacturing and metrology professionals have access to all the features needed to conduct first article inspection, quality control, and quality assurance during the manufacturing process.


Along with offering both the acquisition and inspection functions within a single software module, VXinspect offers perfect integration with Creaform’s technologies, adding even more value to the offer.

VXinspect works in multiple measurement modes by seamlessly integrating photogrammetry, single-point touch probe, and non-contact measurement (scan).

  • 3D scanning
  • Probing
  • Photogrammetry

VXinspect supports CAD import or any mesh for direct measurement comparisons with reference 3D models, leading to a better understanding of manufacturing defects.

  • .IGES
  • .STEP

As an object’s position and orientation in space are crucial during the inspection, VXinspect includes a complete alignment toolset to fulfill inspection requirements and generate more accurate results.

  • Best-Fit
  • Feature-based (PLP, Points, etc.)
  • Datum
  • Reference Point System (RPS)

Thanks to its sophisticated algorithms and calculation methods, VXinspect combines simple, yet powerful tools and features to fully analyze the inspected parts.

  • Colormap (3D deviation comparison)
  • Geometric features
  • Cross-sections
  • Calipers
  • GD&T

VXinspect makes it easy to create and share inspection reports in multiple formats.

  • Customizable reports
  • Multiple formats (PDF, Excel, XLS, CSV)

When a repeat inspection is required, VXinspect can quickly move from one part to the next with minimal steps.

  • Multiple part inspection
  • Automatic measurement extraction

Looking for a simple and efficient FAI software to validate the conformity of your parts?

Try VXinspect’s powerful tools and features to fully analyze your inspected parts and create first-rate inspection reports.

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VXinspect assists you throughout your inspection process

VXinspect is a resourceful assistant, helping you throughout the inspection process. Thanks to its simplicity and efficiency, VXinspect enables you to validate the conformity of manufactured parts and deliver higher quality parts to your customers faster.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance

VXinspect helps you investigate the problems raised by QC and production by performing root cause analyses and implementing corrective actions quickly to limit downtime.

Quality Control

Quality control

With its complete and powerful toolset, VXinspect enables you to validate the quality of manufactured parts and generate reports based on thorough engineering requirements.

Choose from a straightforward root cause analysis software to an advanced quality control inspection program.

VXinspect is available in two versions, according to your inspection requirements and workflow.



A user-friendly inspection software that streamlines designs and manufacturing root cause analyses.


VXinspect|Quality Control

A complete first article inspection software for advanced quality control applications.

IGES/STEP CAD file import    
Single point inspection (probing, photogrammetry)    
Mesh inspection (scanning)    
Complete part alignment toolset    
Complete dimensional inspection toolset    
Reporting toolset    
Multiple part inspection    
2D & 3D GD&T    
Certification   NIST

Discover how you can produce higher quality parts with VXinspect.

Navigate VXinspect’s intuitive interface, and find out more about its powerful toolset.

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