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Access a wealth of information about Creaform’s portable 3D measurement solutions and 3D engineering services.


Go deep into the world of metrology and 3D scanning with Creaform’s latest webinars that will help you tackle any 3D measurement challenge.

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Accelerating the quality control process in metal additive manufacturing

In this “Ask an expert” webinar, Guillaume Bull, Product Manager from Creaform, will discuss how to address the challenges of measuring large and complex parts in additive manufacturing through portable and fast 3D scanning technologies. Whether to ensure the uniform quality of 3D-printed parts, to carry out inspections on very large parts at high temperatures or to simply accelerate the quality control processes, our experts will demonstrate the importance of portability, accuracy and speed for large-sized parts inspection.

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Creaform x BigRep webinar: How 3D scan to 3D print can save time, optimize for your business

In this webinar, you will find how to simplify production with fast-paced, in-house manufacturing on-demand and in full scale by using 3D scanning and printing technologies.

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Accuracy and versatility in the energy sector through portable 3D scanning

In this live, “Ask an Expert” webinar our experts will discuss the many applications of 3D scanning technologies in all stages of product lifecycle management (PLM) in the energy sector.


Watch our videos to lay the foundations for successful manufacturing and quality control workflows using 3D scanning technologies.

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Discover the Benefits of 3D Inspection Software for Quality Control View video
Discover the Benefits of 3D Inspection Software for Quality Control

VXinspect is an intuitive and powerful 3D inspection software designed for manufacturing companies conducting first article inspection (FAI) or quality control.

HandySCAN 3D | SILVER Series View video
HandySCAN 3D | SILVER Series


Explore how of our customers use 3D scanning solutions to optimize their manufacturing and quality control processes, maximize productivity, and achieve better bottom-line results.

Inspecting complex aerospace parts with easy-to-use metrology solutions

While aerospace quality control workflows have greatly evolved over the past decade, due to the development of more complex parts, stricter tolerances, productivity pressures, challenges remain as to inspection efficiency.

Harnessing the speed, versatility and accuracy of 3D scanning for the additive manufacturing of metal parts

Lincoln Electric Additive Solutions is a full-service provider of large-format metal parts for a wide range of industries, such as power generation, oil and gas, transportation, heavy equipment, and aerospace and defence.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Creaform’s Measurement Technology Service

Did you know that Creaform has implemented more than 10,000 measurement technology projects and engineering service projects worldwide in the last 15 years? Customers include leading international manufacturers in the aerospace, mass transit, energy, leisure items and consumer products sectors.