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How 3D scanning solutions can solve labor shortage issues for NDT Service companies

This webinar will present solutions for these modern NDT industry challenges. A representative of the oil and gas pipeline industry will also be present to discuss how Creaform’s 3D scanning technologies combined with Pipecheck have disrupted their way of working and provided them with a real competitive advantage. Finally, VXintegrity’s new modules will be presented with applications that could disrupt service companies’ way of working in other industries such as refineries, power plant, mining, and much more.

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Dramatically improve 3D inspection workflows anywhere in your facility

With today’s ever-changing markets it is crucial your business has access to cutting-edge technologies that will eliminate the complexity of automation to improve your work processes and increase productivity. Join us to learn how you can simplify your measurement workflows and significantly increase your inspection capacity.

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How accurate measuring tools lead to time saving – Case study Voestalpine

Understand how 3D scanners (portable and/or automated) are reliable measuring equipment and why CMM are not to only tools available to measure accurately


Explore how of our customers use 3D scanning solutions to optimize their manufacturing and quality control processes, maximize productivity, and achieve better bottom-line results.

Complete vehicle measurement of a BMW GT3 racing car
Using 3D Measurement Systems to Assess the Performance of a BMW GT3 Race Car

– Highest scanning accuracy at maximum speed – In motorsports, a measurement system must be able to provide accurate information about the condition of a race vehicle very quickly so…

Looking at Every Opportunity to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Following the example set by the FIA, M-Sport saw the need to introduce 3D scanning to control the body shell’s accuracy and ensure that the car met regulatory requirements. After all, winning performances often occur by pushing as close to the limit as practical while remaining compliant with regulations. 3D scanning proved to be the technology required to reach this balance.

MetraSCAN 3D Scanner beim Scannen eines Blechteils. Im Hintergrund sieht man die Echtzeiterfassung des Scans auf dem Laptop.
How Creaform Met the Need for Enhanced Accuracy, Versatility, and Efficiency of voestalpine Stahl GmbH

1 High-precision measurements, shorter surveying times and the rapid further processing of the data obtained convinced voestalpine Stahl.2 Challenge: Higher Precision in Less Time3 Solution: Portability and Accuracy – Without…