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3D Scanning in the Defense Industry

Join Creaform experts to hear proven approaches, methods, and tools for 3D scanning in the defense industry.

During the webinar, you’ll learn the latest trends and innovations in metrology and how other companies have successfully solved their challenges with Creaform’s portable 3D scanners and integrated software.

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How 3D scanning solutions can solve labor shortage issues for NDT Service companies

This webinar will present solutions for these modern NDT industry challenges. A representative of the oil and gas pipeline industry will also be present to discuss how Creaform’s 3D scanning technologies combined with Pipecheck have disrupted their way of working and provided them with a real competitive advantage. Finally, VXintegrity’s new modules will be presented with applications that could disrupt service companies’ way of working in other industries such as refineries, power plant, mining, and much more.

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Dramatically improve 3D inspection workflows anywhere in your facility

With today’s ever-changing markets it is crucial your business has access to cutting-edge technologies that will eliminate the complexity of automation to improve your work processes and increase productivity. Join us to learn how you can simplify your measurement workflows and significantly increase your inspection capacity.


Explore how of our customers use 3D scanning solutions to optimize their manufacturing and quality control processes, maximize productivity, and achieve better bottom-line results.

A worker is scanning a sheet metal on a jig with the MetraSCAN 3D scanner and the C-Track.
How to better detect manufacturing defects

The path to building perfect parts can be hazardous. Manufacturing defects can arise at any time in the manufacturing process, even if the mold, dye, or jig is engineered according to the CAD model. Some phenomena can interfere with the tooling, causing problems and imperfections on the parts.

Getting All the Details Right: The Key for Winning Endurance Races

Endurance racing does not only require the best and latest technology. It also involves having the ability to harness it for multiple hours in a row without causing disaster. When you are competing at the highest level and against the best of the best, attention to detail is everything. This means leaving no stone unturned, no issue unresolved. Only then can a racing team truly be at the top of its game.

Using 3D Scanning in Art

3D scanning can be used to measure objects of art in order to assess their 3D dimensions accurately.