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Go deep into the world of metrology and 3D scanning with Creaform’s latest webinars that will help you tackle any 3D measurement challenge.

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How automation and cobots can revolutionize quality control workflows

Quality control in manufacturing is evolving with automation and cobots, reshaping traditional processes. Yet, challenges arise from complex 3D components, material finishes, and the need for faster methods. Take advantage of Creaform’s webinar to learn about cobot-based inspections, automation without robotics expertise, and efficient cobot programming.

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Simplifying the design intent process with reverse engineering

In reverse engineering, efficiency is crucial. Our webinar dives into design intent principles and avoiding defect replication. Learn about mesh extraction, integrating with SolidWorks, and how Creaform VXmodel streamlines the process for swift, accurate outcomes. Join for insights into the world of reverse engineering!

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Find out how to improve inspections of sheet metal

Automotive inspections of sheet metal components are challenging due to complexity and precision requirements. Traditional tools often fall short. 3D scanning is transforming sheet metal inspection challenges into opportunities. Learn about Creaform’s VXinspect software and advanced 3D inspection techniques.


Explore how of our customers use 3D scanning solutions to optimize their manufacturing and quality control processes, maximize productivity, and achieve better bottom-line results.

American Magic’s Team Gears Up for the 37th America’s Cup With Creaform

The New York City Yacht Club’s American Magic team once again chooses Creaform’s 3D measurement technologies to gear up for the next America’s Cup. Learn more.

Once Fastest Train Now Immortalized to the Finest Detail

Developing a new type of train that could transport luxury tourists from Tokyo to mountain resorts, such as Hakone and Mount Fuji, and beaches, such as Odawara and Enoshima, in…

Harnessing the Power of Fusion Energy, a Dream Becoming Reality

Recreating the fusion reaction occurring in the Sun’s core here on Earth; this is the mission that scientists and engineers have taken up with ITER, one of human history’s most ambitious engineering projects.