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HandySCAN 3D|MAX Series: Explore the future of portable large-scale 3D scanning
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How automation and cobots can revolutionize quality control workflows

Quality control in manufacturing is evolving with automation and cobots, reshaping traditional processes. Yet, challenges arise from complex 3D components, material finishes, and the need for faster methods. Take advantage of Creaform’s webinar to learn about cobot-based inspections, automation without robotics expertise, and efficient cobot programming.

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Simplifying the design intent process with reverse engineering

In reverse engineering, efficiency is crucial. Our webinar dives into design intent principles and avoiding defect replication. Learn about mesh extraction, integrating with SolidWorks, and how Creaform VXmodel streamlines the process for swift, accurate outcomes. Join for insights into the world of reverse engineering!


Explore how of our customers use 3D scanning solutions to optimize their manufacturing and quality control processes, maximize productivity, and achieve better bottom-line results.

New 3D Scanner Revolutionizing Extensive Surface Damage Assessment

The benefits associated with 3D scanning are unanimously acknowledged in the NDT industry. They involve the acquisition of data independent of the user’s expertise or experience, increased precision and repeatability, and significant productivity gains compared to more traditional techniques.

3D Scanning Helps with the Design of Engine Block Mounts

Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH has been a German based sales and service partner of Caterpillar Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of construction machinery, since 1954.

3D Scanning vs Manual Techniques: A Comparison of Their Effectiveness in Evaluating Large and Curved Surfaces

Our non-destructive surface evaluation solution for the pipeline industry has received valuable feedback since its launch last year.