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Optical coordinate measuring system: MaxSHOT 3D

Optical coordinate measuring system: MaxSHOT 3D



Creaform’s MaxSHOT 3D lineup is a game changer for product development, manufacturing, quality control and inspection teams that need the highest measurement accuracy and repeatability as much for large‑scale projects than for parts from 2 to 10 m. Imagine achieving accuracy better than 0.015mm/m!

Thanks to its sophisticated user guidance technology and easy‑to‑use software, the MaxSHOT 3D is ideal for users of all levels—even non‑metrology experts—so that you gain peace of mind knowing your measurements are always right on the dot and you increase process efficiency.

If you consistently work on large‑scale projects, the MaxSHOT 3D is your go-to solution to slash budget-busting measurement mistakes, improve product quality, increase process efficiency—and minimize overall operating costs.


New features
  • Unmatched accuracy: 40% more accurate on parts ranging from 2 to 10 m in size
  • Automatic feedback on measurement quality: Laser projected frame with GO/NO‑GO feedback on measurement pictures
  • More reliable than just a traditional camera: Designed specifically for photogrammetric applications
  • Maximized user comfort: 50% lighter than traditional photogrammetric devices
  • Metrology-grade measurements: Benefit from accuracy levels of up to 0.015 mm as well as high repeatability
  • Volumetric accuracy: As precise as 0.015 mm/m
  • Average deviation: As little as 0.005 mm/m
  • Automatic feedback on measurement quality: Laser projected frame with live GO/NO‑GO feedback on measurement pictures
  • Software diagnostic tools: VXelements guides users to troubleshoot and provide feedback on images taken by users
  • Intuitive controls and operations: Experience ultra‑short training and learning curves
  • Multifunction buttons: Easily interact with VXelements, Creaform’s 3D scanning and measurement software
  • Rugged and robust: Can be used in any production or harsh working environment—even right on the shop floor
  • Bring it anywhere: The system and its accessories fit into one portable carrying case
  • Maximum comfort: The MaxSHOT 3D features highly ergonomic design developed specifically for photogrammetric applications and measuring large parts


Technical Specifications

  MaxSHOT Next™ MaxSHOT Next™​|Elite
Volumetric accuracy (1) 0.025 mm/m (0.0003 in/ft) 0.015 mm/m (0.00018 in/ft)
Average deviation (2) 0.008 mm/m (0.0001 in/ft)) 0.005 mm/m (0.00006 in/ft))
Volumetric accuracy (when combined with) HandySCAN 307™(3)
HandySCAN BLACK​|Elite™(3)​​
0.020 mm + 0.025 mm/m
(0.0008 in + 0.0003 in/ft)
0.020 mm + 0.015 mm/m
(0.0008 in + 0.00018 in/ft)
Go!SCAN SPARK™​(4) 0.050 mm + 0.025 mm/m
(0.0020 in + 0.0003 in/ft)
0.050 mm + 0.015 mm/m
(0.0020 in + 0.00018 in/ft)
HandyPROBE Next™​ (5)
MetraSCAN 357™​ (5)
MetraSCAN BLACK™​ (5)​​
0.060 mm + 0.025 mm/m
(0.0024 in + 0.0003 in/ft)
0.060 mm + 0.015 mm/m
(0.0024 in + 0.00018 in/ft)
MetraSCAN BLACK™​|Elite(5)
HandyPROBE Next™|Elite (5)
0.044 mm + 0.025 mm/m
(0.0017 in + 0.0003 in/ft)
0.044 mm + 0.015 mm/m
(0.0017 in + 0.00018 in/ft)
Weight 0.79 kg (1.75 lb)
Dimensions 104 x 180 x 115 mm (4.1 x 7.1 x 4.5 in)
Operating temperature range 5-40°C (41-104°F)
Operating humidity range (non-condensing) 10-90%
Certifications EC Compliance (Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive, Low Voltage Directive), IP50, WEEE, Laser class (2M)
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Large parts are no match for the MaxSHOT 3D

Get the accuracy you need no matter how large the parts or the level of users


The MaxSHOT 3D can provide 3D measurements directly or work seamlessly with Creaform’s other technologies to perform 3D measurements on large parts

Inspection and quality control
  • Part-to-CAD analysis
  • First article and supplier quality inspection
  • Conformity assessment of 3D models against original large parts/production tooling
  • Conformity assessment of large manufactured parts against the originals
  • Alignment
  • Tooling certification
  • Full free-form inspection and high‑density color maps when used with a 3D scanner
Reverse engineering
  • Reverse engineering of geometrical entities (spheres, cylinders, planes)
  • Faster and more accurate reverse engineering of large mixed parts (geometrical and free‑form) when used with 3D scanner


VXelements: Creaform’s 3D software platform and application suite

The MaxSHOT 3D comes with VXelements, which powers our entire fleet of 3D scanning and measurement technologies. It combines all the essential tools you need for your data acquisition process into a user‑friendly, simplified and sleek working environment.



Invar Scale Bars Extension Kit

For larger projects requiring a better scale factor than the 1 m default scale bars provided with the MaxSHOT 3D, the Invar Scale Bars Extension Kit enables users to construct two custom‑length scale bars ranging from 0.5 m to 5 m in length. This multipurpose extension kit is the best way to get a more accurate scale factor for large part measurement.

MaxSHOT 3D Extension Pole

This precision-balanced extension pole with a Bluetooth remote control allows you to mount your MaxSHOT 3D securely and swivel it in a range of directions that will enable users to easily get positions and orientations that are otherwise difficult to reach.

  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • New ultra-smooth extension and retraction system
  • Easy-to-use locking mechanism
  • Precision balanced

MaxSHOT 3D Optical Probing Accessories

Use your MaxSHOT 3D as an optical probing device and get direct 3D measurements for various types of features: hole location, edge location, surface points, etc.



Measuring large parts has never been this accurate, intuitive and easy

The MaxSHOT 3D lineup: making high‑performance photogrammetry accessible to all