MaxSHOT 3D Optical Coordinate Measuring System

MaxSHOT 3D Optical Coordinate Measuring System

MaxSHOT 3D Optical Coordinate Measuring System

The MaxSHOT 3D optical coordinate measuring system is a complementary product that adds the accuracy and speed of photogrammetry to the wide range of applications with Creaform technologies, especially when it comes to larger parts. Its user-friendly design allows even those new to photogrammetry to quickly and easily generate a highly accurate positioning model of an object based on a series of photos.

Once the photogrammetry measurement is completed, the Creaform 3D scanner or optical CMM automatically uses the model generated with VXshot to determine the part's position in the measurement volume.


  • Dimensional measurements that are even more precise
  • Increased accuracy in Creaform technologies thanks to photogrammetry
  • Very simple to operate
  • Real-time visualization and validation of acquired data
  • Step-by-step operation entirely guided by the VXshot module
  • Ergonomic design
  • Shorter measuring time on larger parts
  • Accelerated positioning of the Creaform 3D scanner or optical CMM around the part
  • Light and portable

Technical Specifications

  MaxSHOT 3D
Volumetric Accuracy 0.025 mm/m (0.0003 in./ft)
Weight 435 g (1.0 lb)
Dimensions 76 x 136 x 153 mm (3 x 5.4 x 6 in.)
Operating Temperature Range 5-40 °C (41-104 °F)
Operatin Humidity Range (non-condensing) 10-90%

When quality is not an option

Rely on metrology-grade 3D scanning optimized for shop floor conditions



The MaxSHOT 3D coordinate measuring system comes with VXelements and the VXshot module, a fully-integrated 3D data acquisition software that powers its entire fleet of 3D scanning and measurement technologies. It gathers all the essential elements and tools into a uniform, user-friendly and intuitive working environment.

VXshot Software Module

Unlike other systems on the market, where data accuracy is partially contingent upon the operator’s experience and technique, VXshot features an extremely simple data acquisition process.

  1. Guides operators every step of the way throughout the process;
  2. Clearly and immediately notifies operators if they need to take additional pictures to increase measurement accuracy;
  3. Real-time visualization and validation of the positioning model make it possible to see the rebuilt volume and all estimated points with the utmost accuracy;
  4. Measures and recomputes all the identified points each time an image is taken.

VXremote: Remote access software application

VXremote improves your efficiency in the field by providing fast and easy remote access to VXelements. It offers quick activation and set-up and requires no hardware or server to install or maintain. You can have all its data acquisition functionalities at your fingertips... Available only with the Creaform Certified Rugged Tablet!


Reverse engineering
  • Reverse engineering of geometric entities (spheres, cylinders, planes)
  • Allows faster and more accurate reverse engineering of mixed parts (geometrical and free-form)


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