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3D Modeling For Phased-array Inspections In Power Generation And Energy

Power generation components and structures must be inspected to assess the level of degradation and remaining service life. Power generation organizations are facing mounting challenges of inspecting complex components that are part of a very intricate assembly and cannot be taken out for inspection purposes. To solve this issue, the industry usually has recourse to the phased-array inspection method.

Phased-array inspection and imaging (PA) is an advanced method of ultrasonic testing (UT) and are used in NDT inspections. Phased-array focal law simulation is used to predict the inspection results and optimize the probe and wedge configurations. Inspection of complex shape components using a 2D matrix can be challenging. In the absence of a better solution, the 3D model usually comes from a CAD file or a theoretical model construction. However, the real component’s shape often varies considerably from theoretical models and, therefore, affects the ultrasound scan quality and probability of detection.

Creaform’s non-destructive solutions support the power generation and energy industry by combining the data acquisition power of 3D scanning with phased array inspection to provide operators and inspection engineers the information needed to make well-informed maintenance decisions.