Portable 3D Scanning Technologies
Portable 3D Scanning Technologies

Portable 3D Scanning Technologies

Creaform develops and manufactures its proprietary portable 3D measurement technologies, which are used by its crew of application engineers (AE) every day. AEs have an extensive and intimate knowledge of Creaform's advanced scanners, and other complementary partner technologies, and they operate them to their maximum potential. Creaform therefore delivers on the promise of high quality 3D scanning projects within a short time frame for clients around the world.


Short-range scanning involves generating a digital model of very small to medium-sized objects over a wide array of options for surface finish, shine, reflectivity, texture, color, and levels of intricacy or detail. Creaform's accurate and efficient technologies enable the generation of ready to use part-to-mesh-to-STL files in minutes.

Proven expertise includes:

  • Part-to-CAD inspection
  • Reverse engineering (design intent or as-built)
  • 3D digital preservation and archiving
  • Competitive product analysis
  • Preparation for rapid prototyping (including colour), and prototype inspection


3D Scanning and Printing Services

Creaform and its partners assist customers throughout the whole 3D scanning to 3D printing process—scanning, post-processing, printing, additive manufacturing—by delivering print-ready files.

Are There 3D Scanning Services Available Near Me?


As a major 3D scanning company, Creaform has been providing 3D scanning services to clients in various industries since 2002. Its portable metrology-grade solutions allow the execution of challenging projects in virtually any location. Its application engineers and metrologists have extensive, renowned experience with Creaform's proprietary technologies and partner solutions.

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