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Robot Absolute Accuracy Calibration Services

Reduce Downtimes and Improve Accuracy


Are you struggling with your industrial robots’ poor absolute accuracy? 

Most robots have good repeatability, but poor absolute accuracy. That means that a program taught on one robot is not transferrable to another robot. What’s more: if you want to program the robot in absolute coordinates, it will make errors of up to several millimeters. 

Creaform’s comprehensive robot calibration services improve your industrial robots’ absolute accuracy, by a factor of 10. Thanks to our on-site calibration services, you will:

  • Get accurate results the first time around without rejogging or reprogramming your robots
  • Replicate programs for multiple robots using offline programming (OLP) tools—eliminating productivity losses and costly downtimes
  • Ensure your calibrated robots can now perform tasks that used to require expensive CNC machines 

Our team of metrology professionals can calibrate almost any industrial robot quickly, affordably and in typical shop-floor environments where other methods fail. No need to send your robot back to the manufacturer!

Why Choose Creaform’s Robot Calibration Service?

  • Proven, documented accuracy improvement, generally 10x and often to sub-millimetric
  • Faster and more affordable than traditional methods
  • A calibration approach that can withstand shop floor vibrations that affect other systems
  • Robot calibration can be performed on-site, in-cell, and with a real tool and payload throughout the working volume, including additional axes
  • Calibration of over 275 robot models; previously jogged programs remain compatible
  • Dynamic path-tracking of tool position, speed and pose. ISO 9283 tests and validation

Typical Accuracy Improvement

Typical Accuracy Improvement graph


Calibrating Your Robots’ Absolute Accuracy Has Never Been So Easy

Creaform’s industrial robot calibration services will not only improve absolute accuracy but also boost productivity and virtually eliminate expensive downtime due to program tweaking. 

3D Metrology Services

Service de métrologie 3D

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They can help you with your projects! Creaform’s skills and reliability are unmatched. All our services are tailored to your needs.

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