SOLVING PRODUCTIVITY ISSUES THROUGH 3D SCANNING – How to Decide Between Handheld and Automated 3D Scanning


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In recent years, throughout the entire manufacturing industry, the use of 3D scanning technology has been on the rise. Whether it is due to the accuracy, the portability, or the simplicity they provide, handheld portable 3D scanners are being used more and more, particularly for quality control applications. Reaching a level of accuracy that approaches probing methods, it provides, however, more data, more details, and more information, which allows for the inspection of complex parts. Consequently, today’s industry experts now place their trust in 3D scanning and grant it a major role in quality control.

This trend also spills over in the world of automation, as most manufacturing companies are now considering the use of automation for their quality control applications. Although it offers many advantages, some companies can sometimes be hesitant to convert to automation, fearing important cost and complexity of implementation.

In webinar Jerome-Alexandre Lavoie, Product Manager at Creaform, will present tools that will help manufacturing companies analyze whether automation is more suitable for their activities than handheld 3D scanning. To better understand the potential of transitioning to automation and show how robot programming is accessible to everyone, Olivier Plamondon, Technical Product Manager at Creaform, will go through a complete automated quality control project in a live demonstration. To round off this webinar, Kyle Shannon, Business Development Manager A-QC at Creaform, will discuss the cost-benefit of transitioning to automation, and the expected return on investment.

Join Creaform’s experts and discover which handheld or automated 3D scanning solution is right for YOUR workflow.


Jérôme-Alexandre Lavoie | Product Manager

Jérôme-Alexandre Lavoie

Product Manager

Olivier Plamondon | Technical Product Manager

Olivier Plamondon

Technical Product Manager

Kyle Shannon | Business Development Manager AQC

Kyle Shannon

Business Development Manager AQC

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MetraSCAN 3D


Inspection/Quality Control

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