Simplifying the design intent process with reverse engineering



Reverse Engineering

In reverse engineering, time is of the essence, and finding efficient shortcuts is a valuable bonus. Join us for a future webinar where we explore the principles of design intent and provide practical solutions to avoid replicating defects. Find out how accurate information extraction to speed up your reverse engineering workflows.

What you will learn

• Learn more about mesh extraction, cross-section information, and how to leverage these techniques to accelerate the reverse engineering process
• Be a part of an interactive demonstration that showcases how to effectively reverse engineer a part and seamlessly send it to SolidWorks
• Explore how Creaform VXmodel empowers engineers and designers to efficiently extract information and create a robust design intent without unnecessary hassles

Discover how Creaform VXmodel streamlines reverse engineering, making it easy and fast to achieve precise results. Embrace the future of design intent with us in this exciting webinar!


Pierre-Luc Delagrave | Technical Product Manager

Pierre-Luc Delagrave

Technical Product Manager

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