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Creaform Webinars

Don’t miss our upcoming webinars and view recordings of past events!
Accelerate Your Time-to-market with 3D Scanning Watch now
Accelerate Your Time-to-market with 3D Scanning

Curious to know more about how 3D scanning and Creaform 3D scanners can facilitate and speed up your time-to-market?

VXElements 8.0 - Update Training Watch now
Get to know everything about VXelements 6.3

VXmodel and VXinspect are two of the most important software modules you need for optimization of highly accurate inspections and reverse engineering workflows.

Learn Everything About Pipecheck 5.0 Watch now
Learn Everything About Pipecheck 5.0 With Our Expert

Learn how to assess full pipe joints (up to 60 ft) in record time!

Integrate 3D technology into engineering courses Watch now
Integrate 3D Technologies and Approaches in Your Engineering Courses

Looking to introduce 3D scanning technologies and methods into your engineering course curricula? Find out how with Creaform ACADEMIA.

What's Behind the Price of Industrial Portable 3D Scanners Watch now
What are the reasons for the prices of industrial portable 3D scanners?

Ever wonder what the advantages of high-end industrial and portable 3D scanners are? Do these features justify the cost? Get more info on pricing here.

Use 3D Scanning to Accelerate Your Product Development

Did you know that 3D scanning and 3D measurement technologies can accelerate your product development processes? Watch the webinar to find out how.

3D Scanning for Scientific Research and Historic Preservation Watch now
3D Scanning for Scientific Research and Historic Preservation

In this Ask An Expert webinar, Creaform will demonstrate the benefits of 3D scanning technology and software solutions for digital archiving, scientific research and preservation work.

Watch now
Managing Asset Integrity: the Right 3D Scanner for Corrosion Assessment

In this “Ask an expert” webinar Jérôme-Alexandre Lavoie, Product Manager will discuss the possibilities offered by 3D scanning, such as better information-based decision-making for repairs, major financial savings, and improved public safety.

Designing perfect aftermarket part with 3D scanning Watch now
Designing Perfect Aftermarket Parts with 3D Scanning

In this webinar Simon Côté, Product Manager at Creaform, will discuss reverse engineering parts and environments and ways to acquire the quality and quantity of data required for complex designs with the help of SILVER series 3D scanners, a recent addition to the HandySCAN 3D lineup.

Speed up your STL to STL inspection with Creaform software Watch now
Leverage 3D Measurement Technologies to Speed up STL to STL Inspections

Did you know that you can speed up STL to STL inspections with Creaform 3D technologies? Optimize your product performance and production today!