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Reverse Engineering

In the automotive industry, inspecting sheet metal components can take a lot of time due to their complex shapes, fine details, and the demand for high precision, which bogs down productivity. What’s more, conventional tools often lack the level of accuracy required by customers for regulatory compliance. However, new technology solutions are enabling automotive quality control teams to improve the reliability of their inspections. And it starts with 3D scanners and software.

What you will learn

• Discover how 3D scanning revolutionizes the process, enabling in-depth analysis of form and feature positioning, which unlock valuable insights beyond traditional probing methods
• Explore the fundamental distinctions between troubleshooting and inspection in various production processes
• See firsthand how Creaform’s powerful inspection software, VXinspect, streamlines the selection of optimal inspection points, especially at the edges, using unique extraction techniques

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the cutting-edge capabilities of 3D scanning in automotive sheet metal inspection!



David Robichaud | Technical Product Manager

David Robichaud

Technical Product Manager

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