3D Modelling for Phased-Array Inspection - Aerospace

Service aircrafts and their components and structures must be inspected to assess the level of degradation and remaining service life. Aircraft manufacturers and air carriers are faced with the challenge of inspecting complex components (ex.: gas turbines, engine bays, nacelles, cockpits) that are part of a very intricate assembly and that can’t be “taken out" to be inspected. To solve this issue, the industry usually resorts to the phased-array inspection method.

Phased-array focal law simulation is used to predict the inspection results and optimize the probe and wedge configuration. Inspection of complex shape components using a 2D matrix can be challenging. Failing some better solution, the 3D model usually comes from a CAD file or a theoretical model construction. However, the real component shape varies from ideal theoretical models, and therefore affects the ultrasound scan quality and probability of detection.

The benefits of the HandySCAN 3D and Zetec / Extende solution

Creaform’s HandySCAN 3D laser scanning system generates high-accuracy 3D data of the existing part. It will capture every detail up to a 40-micron accuracy, and will reflect any and all changes undergone by the part during manufacturing (ex.: welded joints, out of roundness) or operating life (ex.: wear or dents). Scanning is done with the part in assembly and in a few minutes. The 3D scanning data are fully compatible with Zetec’s UltraVision 3 and Extende’s CIVA software for ultrasonic testing & phased-array inspection, and can be imported to generate a highly accurate 3D model to be used during the phase-array inspection’s simulation phase.

  • The scanner is self-positioned to the part to be inspected. The resulting dynamic link between part and scanner preserves accuracy and resolution in any field vibrating environment.
  • The quality of the acquired data can be verified in real time during the acquisition. The 3D file is generated in a few minutes.
  • The 3D data file can seamlessly be imported into UltraVision 3 / CIVA for highly accurate and realistic 3D model reconstruction of the part.
  • The 3D model is virtually identical to the real part, which increases inspection simulation accuracy and optimize the inspection setup configuration.
  • Inspector’s skill level has no impact on 3D laser scanning process.