Scanning in the Dust

Creaform has carried out more than 10,000 engineering projects for clients all around the world. As an applications specialist among the Scan & Inspection team, I scan objects of all types and sizes. When a client asks to have his entire plant scanned, there is no way we can work in our own labs! We must get out there in the field – which sets the table for meaningful experiences! Blogue-1

During my most recent adventure, I faced the titanic challenge of scanning an entire processing plant in Burkina Faso! Both professionally and personally, I found this 14-day journey incredibly rewarding. I got to set foot in Africa and discover a completely different culture.Blogue-3

Of course, this has brought its share of roadblocks: equipment transportation was a hassle, getting used to local food was a challenge, I was suffering from the secondary effects of the preventive medication was taking, and I had to get used to work at temperature above 45 ⁰C! That being said, I believe that the ability of the Scan & Inspection staff to adapt to any situation and our resourcefulness are what makes our team strong.

During my stay in Burkina Faso, I experienced the Africans’ lifestyle, I learned about their daily routine and about the political climate in the country, and I feel very lucky for that opportunity. Blogue-2

The Scan & Inspection Team has a pretty impressive collection of delightful stories to tell; some of us got stuck in a student riot, some witnessed military uprisings while others experienced earthquakes…Travelling abroad also brings us to discover companies from all fields that can adapt to any kind of situation unique to each culture.

No matter the difficulties and the challenges’ scale, Creaform’s always has willing and dynamic staff to dispatch all around the world!  

Ludovic Robert, junior engineer

Article written by Creaform

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