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Heavy Industries - 3D Handheld Measurement Applications

Heavy IndustriesWith heavy industries usually comes harsh environment and oversized machines. In this world, measurement equipment must come to the part, and not the other way around. This is where the Creaform 3D measurement technologies get their biggest advantage: thanks to their compactness, light weight and ruggedness, bringing them to the site is no hassle at all.

Since all our proprietary products are based on TRUaccuracy, they offer reliable and highly accurate measurement data, no matter the size of the vehicle or part to be scanned, and no matter if they are surrounded by dirt, dust, wind, high temperatures or any other extreme condition. Among others, Creaform has worked on projects of:

  • Development of parts and accessories for industrial equipment
  • Equipment repair and maintenance
  • Mechanical design and engineering
  • Quality control/inspection
Development of parts and accessories for industrial equipment

3D Scanning Application for Heavy Industrial Equipment Parts and Accessories Development

To develop parts and accessories for agricultural, construction or mining equipment, designers will have to extract dimensions from the vehicle or equipment. Not only will the dimensions have to be accurate in order to guarantee good fit and performance, but the dimensioning will have to be as complete as possible.

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reduce product development cost with reverse engineering

Get all the information needed for reverse engineering to develop superior products

Challenge: Unknown surrounding environment

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