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Portable 3D Measurement Technologies Manufacturing Applications

ManufacturingThe Creaform portable 3D measurement technologies are the dream of any manufacturer in need of an accurate and reliable measurement device designed to operate in “real-life” shop floor conditions. Based on the TRUaccuracy technology, our measuring devices always generate reliable and highly accurate measurements. Thanks to dynamic referencing, the environment surrounding the part to be measured is of no concern: vibrations, high/fluctuating temperatures, dust or any other extreme condition won’t have any impact at all on the accuracy and speed of our measuring devices.

Plus, Creaform can help you enhance your manufacturing process and lower your production costs by providing you down-to-earth and efficient advice and services. If necessary, our technicians and engineers can go and work directly in your plant, assembly or production line. Our technologies and services can help you carry out:

  • Inspection/quality control
  • Machine/tooling design
  • Machine/tooling adjustments
  • Work instructions
reducing quality control iterations in tool design

Accelerating the iterative process in tool design with intermediate quality checks

Tooling design inspection processes don't have to slow down your production cycle. Learn more about touch probing alternatives to enhance tool quality control.

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Product Development - Durability Measuring Device

Automated Chainsaw Test Bench - Durability Measuring Device

Design and produce a test bench for measuring resistance to chainsaw cuts according to the applicable CSA standard. Based on detailed analysis of the standard, our team designed and managed the manufacture of this fully automated test bench.

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Product Development - Electronics Measuring Device

Dial Measuring Instrument - Electronics Measuring Device

A number of fields require high-precision assemblies, including optics and photonics, electronics, and medicine. To ensure superior quality, Avestor turned to us to develop this dial measuring instrument developed for an electronics assembly line.

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First Article Inspection of Manufactured Parts

First Article Inspection (FAI) of Manufactured Parts

The inspection of the first manufactured parts is essential for the development of any manufacturing process. The prototypes are typically produced in small quantities and must be inspected against a blueprint or by comparison to a CAD file to ensure that the part was accurately produced or to correctly identify the causes of impending defects.

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Product Development - Transfer Truck

Manufacturing Finite Element Analysis - Transfer Truck

Modelling of a lift system and performing finite element analysis to determine the deflection and stress/distortion of the various components of this mechanical assembly, for the company Nova Bus.

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Product Development - Assembling and Positioning Fixtures

Manufacturing Product Development - Assembling and Positioning Fixtures

Well-designed fixtures make it possible to repeat the same assembly within desired tolerance levels. We created fixtures for Prévost Car that allow parts to pivot onto different sides during assembly. These designs also enable workers to sit or stand in an ergonomic position at all times.

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Product Development - Electrical device

Manufacturing Product Development: Electrical Device

Our FEA, Ansys, helps us determine the load behaviour of many electrical component models.

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Die & Mould Design or Modification

Mould & Die Design or Modification Solutions for Manufacturing

Manufacturers using molds and dies production methods such as stamping, casting and plastic injection must deal with physical phenomena like shrinkage and spring back effect, which makes it complicated to match the CAD geometry.

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Raw Casting / Forging Inspection

Raw Casting / Forging Inspection - Manufacturing Industry

In casting and forging, raw parts are usually machined in some critical areas to obtain the final part. To make sure that the raw casting holds enough material to be machined, it is possible to carry out dimensional inspections. A 3D scan allows operators to align the raw part on the machine and orient it so as to guarantee enough material for the operation.

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Safety Devices Design Development - Safety Guard

The mandate was to design different guards and protections to meet the CSA Z432-04 Machine Safety regulation. To achieve that goal and to insure that those designs would be accepted by the employees, our team met and brain storm different solutions with the working employees and the production engineer of the plant.

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Product Development - Hydraulic Table

Stress and Distortion Analysis for Moving Parts Assemblies - Hydraulic Table

Using Ansys software, Creaform can perform stress and distortion analyses for moving parts assemblies. This table makes it possible to raise aircraft components for easier assembly.

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