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Oil and Gas Inspection Applications with 3D Measurements Technologies

Oil and gasCreaform is revolutionizing the oil and gas industry with its innovative portable 3D measurement solution, comprised of a HandySCAN 3D laser scanner and the Pipecheck data acquisition/analysis software. Pipecheck is an innovative, intuitive and highly-effective approach and represents the best alternative on the market to traditional methods for these applications.

NDT Pipeline Mechanical Damage Assessment Solution that is ASME B31G Compliant

For many years, requirements for mechanical damage inspection have resulted in large numbers of dents that were not categorized as critical. However, pipeline failures caused from dents have raised concerns towards these requirements and NDT inspection methods. Being able to accurately identify critical dents before they cause failure—all while avoiding costly operations—is paramount to any pipeline inspector. Considering these factors, pipeline engineers and NDT inspectors are looking for accuracy, reliability and traceability when choosing an inspection tool.

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Oil and Gas Inspection - 3d Modeling For Phased-array Ultrason

The oil and gas, petroleum and petrochemical, power generation and pipeline industries are under constant pressure to ensure 100% maintenance of environment and health and safety practices.

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Operating and maintaining safe and reliable pipeline circuits is fundamental in the pipeline industry. Non-destructive testing (NDT) service companies and pipeline operators undertake substantial efforts to provide the safe transportation of crude oil, natural gas, refined petroleum products and liquefied gas within their networks. Pipeline integrity management, inspection, corrosion prevention, monitoring, leak detection, and overall damage prevention are critical to preventing incidents from occurring.

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In-line Inspection

Pipeline In-line Inspection (ILI)

What does the industry need?

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Storage Tank Inspection

Storage Tank Inspections for oil and gas industry

The public’s concern of the environment puts a lot of pressure on oil companies to improve their environmental and health and safety practices. Storage tank inspection used to be a time-consuming process, but companies can now address public’s concerns using 3D scanning technology.

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