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Go!SCAN 3D Scanning Education Bundle Price

New pricing!

Our Go!SCAN 3D educational bundle includes an additional rebate on our educational pricing. It is, quite simply, the best promotion ever! Our bundle includes both a Go!SCAN 20 for high resolution 3D scanning and a Go!SCAN 50 for fastest 3D scanning. What’s more: you get to work with both VXmodel and VXinspect, directly integrated into VXelements; it is the simplest and fastest path from 3D scans to CAD or 3D printing and dimensional inspection.

The bundle includes:

  • 2 color Go!SCAN 3D scanners
    • 1 Go!SCAN 20 model (high resolution)
    • 1 Go!SCAN 50 model (high speed)
  • 50 bundle Creaform software licences with:
    • VXmodel, our scan‑to‑CAD software module
    • VXinspect, our dimensional inspection software module
  • 2 system calibrations per Go!SCAN 3D
  • 1‑year warranty on parts and labour
  • 5 years software updates and technical support on all products

Take your 3D meASurements to the next level with our Go!Scan 3D educational bundle!

Go!SCAN 3D Education bundle!


Check out our new pricing on the Go!SCAN 3D education package!