Pipecheck corrosion software module for NDT

ASME B31G compliant


Technological innovations featured in Creaform’s comprehensive and powerful NDT solutions enable pipeline engineers to combine the power of the HandySCAN 3D portable scanner with ultrasonic testing (UT) technologies. By including both the inner and the outer wall deterioration in the calculation of a pipe’s bust pressure, Pipecheck sets a new standard of reliability and efficiency. NDT inspectors using magnetic detectors, UT devices or in-line inspection tools can also benefit from the software’s rigorous analysis power even if they do not use 3D laser scanners, thanks to Pipecheck’s ability to import external data sets. This comprehensive solution provides the best alternative to traditional pit gauges—whether you need to perform true wall thickness assessments, ILI correlations, corrosion assessments on mechanical damage, or pipeline straightening operations.


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Pipecheck analyze

Pipecheck analyze
When all you need is the analysis power of Pipecheck! Offered at a discount price, this software package combines Pipecheck’s corrosion and mechanical damage modules. It is the perfect solution for projects in which assessments are performed on site by a senior NDT technician, while a junior technician focuses on data acquisition. Data analysis can also be performed off site by pipeline integrity engineers when on-site teams are facing complex cases. Pipecheck Analyze can open any Pipecheck session, change parameters, re-process analyses and export reports.

The complete solution includes

The complete Solution
  • HandySCAN 3D portable scanner for accurate metrology-grade measurements and resolution in field conditions, including vibrating environments (±50 microns)
  • Pipecheck software license with corrosion and mechanical damage modules
  • Calibration plate that enables on-site optimization of the system for the most accurate results
  • Reference arrow with a protective case used to orient the pipeline in a coordinate system known by pipeline operators
  • 4-m USB 3 cable
  • Power supply
  • 4 x 500 positioning targets for optimized data acquisition
  • 1 year warranty on parts and labor

An optional Creaform-certified laptop computer is also recommended to ensure optimal operation of the Creaform 3D measurement solutions. If you want to run Pipecheck on your computer, check out the minimum system requirements.

Extend the power of pipecheck

Rugged field pack with wireless tablet

Field pack designed for field operations

Rugged field pack with wireless tablet

NDT service companies can count on a complete accessory package especially designed to optimize field efficiency and reduce turnaround times. The Rugged field pack includes a wireless tablet enabling real-time visualization of Pipecheck on the field, power source and battery pack with charger.


  • Wireless tablet powered by VXremote
  • Pelican rugged laptop casing adapted to field environment
  • Creaform battery pack with charger for up to 8 hours of autonomy
  • Magnetic support for 3D scanner
  • 8-m USB 3 cable to accommodate larger work areas


Car battery cables for emergency power

3D scanner external battery

Extra power designed for on-site application

3D scanner external batteryDelivering up to three hours of autonomy, the 3D scanner’s lightweight external battery increases data acquisition efficiency. Ideal for short-term projects or rope-access applications, it provides total freedom of movement. When combined with the HandySCAN 3D, NDT operators can get access to a new level of portability. The external battery is the perfect tool for constrained space applications or field work!

  • Autonomy: 3 hours of continuous scanning
  • Dimensions: 180x110x20 mm / 7.1x4.3x 0.8 in.
  • Weight: 0.52 kg / 1.14 lbs.
  • Charging time: 4 hours

VXremote ™

Remote access software application

VXremote For increased portability in the field, pipeline engineers and technicians can use VXremote to get fast and easy remote access to Pipecheck. The rugged tablet offers quick activation and set-up, without any hardware. Get Pipecheck’s data acquisition functionalities right at your fingertips! VXremote is only available with Creaform certified rugged tablets.

Availability may vary depending on region.

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