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Stratasys Ltd. : 3D Printing Solutions

Stratasys Ltd. is a global leader of 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions and provides companies with a wide range of professional grade solutions. When combined with Creaform’s 3D scanning solutions, they provide the users with a full ecosystem streamlining their process across various industries and applications.

With a professional-grade solution, the user is able to accurately scan any 3D object and quickly generate print-ready files or even perform direct 3D-scan-to-print. Example applications include:

  • Product design: reverse engineering and prototyping;
  • Manufacturing: development of custom dies and molds, and the fabrication of jigs and fixtures;
  • Health care: design of prosthetics, orthotics, surgical aids and guides;
  • Education: mechanical engineering and design curriculums.

This combination is targeted at allowing companies of all types to accelerate their product development processes and ensure that their products truly meet the needs for which they were designed.

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