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Metal additive manufacturing is a fast-growing market. As such, companies operating in this field require reliable, repeatable and accurate quality control technologies to meet the challenges that come with such rapid business growth, to ensure that each 3D-printed part is consistent and adheres to both the original design intent and expected tolerances.

In this last “Ask an expert” live webinar of the year, Guillaume Bull, Product Manager from Creaform, will discuss how to address the challenges of measuring large and complex parts in additive manufacturing through portable and fast 3D scanning technologies. Whether to ensure the uniform quality of 3D-printed parts, to carry out inspections on very large parts at high temperatures or to simply accelerate the quality control processes, Guillaume will demonstrate the importance of portability, accuracy and speed for large-sized parts inspection.

John Immonen, Strategic Account Manager from Creaform, will also be present to provide several examples of additive manufacturing and metalworking companies who benefited from transitioning to 3D scanning for their quality control needs. He will reveal how major companies, such as Lincoln Electric, leveraged these latest manufacturing technologies to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Join Creaform’s experts and learn how 3D scanning solutions can benefit YOUR workflow.


Guillaume Bull | Product Manager

Guillaume Bull

Product Manager

John Immonen | Strategic Account Manager

John Immonen

Strategic Account Manager

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