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Power Generation 3D Portable Measurement Applications

Power GenerationWhether to reverse engineer, inspect, repair or modify power generation components, Creaform provides the energy market with reliable, cutting edge portable 3D measurement technologies. Tight spaces and difficult access to the part are no longer an issue, as their renowned portability and small size make it possible to acquire measurement data virtually anywhere. Data accuracy is amongst the highest on the market and stability of the measurement set-up is guaranteed by the TRUaccuracy technology, which makes it possible to measure parts in unstable environments. The Creaform technologies can be used for applications such as:

  • Design and engineering
  • Reverse engineering
  • Quality control (QC)/inspection
  • Equipment assembly
  • Maintenance and repair
3d Modeling For Phased-array Inspections In Aerospace Industry

3D Modeling For Phased-array Inspections In Power Generation And Energy

Power generation components and structures must be inspected to assess the level of degradation and remaining service life. Power generation organizations are facing mounting challenges of inspecting complex components that are part of a very intricate assembly and cannot be taken out for inspection purposes.

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Turbine Component Analysis

Power Turbine Component Analysis - 3D Scanning

No matter if the objective is to inspect, repair or modify power generation turbine components, the challenges remain the same: access to the components and stability of the measurement setup. The components that require measurement like impeller blades, guide vanes or casings are always located in tight spaces with difficult access.

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energy replacement part manufacturing

Replacing headers on a main steam piping system at a power generating facility

Discover how 3D scanners can speed up the manufacturing of replacement parts for the power generation industry. Ensure the optimal manufacturing of replacement parts in the energy sector.

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