3D Systems Inspection Software Authorized Distributor

3D SystemsPairing Creaform’s line-up of 3D scanners with 3D Systems’Geomagic® software solutions will provide you with rapid first-article inspection and reverse engineering.

Geomagic software solutions contain a host of advanced tools, convenient workflows and customization options that complement your Creaform 3D scanner and your production or design environment.

For first-article inspection in a manufacturing environment and using a Creaform portable metrology device, Geomagic® Verify combines the power of contact and non-contact measurement with CAD intelligence. The result is top-notch scan data that’s easily verified, increasing the accuracy of first-article inspection. Geomagic Verify also features advanced automation tools.

For routine, customized, in-line inspection, Geomagic® Control streamlines processes that include a number of Creaform scanners. This feature-rich platform makes it easy to program automatic inspection duties, saving a great deal of time in environments where you are inspecting the same parts repeatedly. In fact, Geomagic Control allows you to purpose build inspection processes for your exact requirements and take full advantage of the accuracy that Creaform scanners are known for.

If you need comprehensive reverse engineering capabilities, look no further than Geomagic® Design™ X. Combined with the speed of the Creaform scanners, Geomagic Design X is the fastest path from scan data to feature-based, editable CAD models. Once you acquire the data, use Geomagic Design X’s point cloud, mesh, surface and solid modeling capabilities without having to use another application. This solution is best for engineers and manufacturers who already have an established CAD package that they depend on in their workflow.

Don’t have an existing CAD package? Consider Geomagic® Design Direct, that features an integrated reverse engineering and direct modeling CAD platform. Combined with a Creaform Go!SCAN 3D or HandySCAN 3D, users in a variety of industries—from consumer products to automotive—can have a powerful, intuitive path from physical object to 3D model to CAD design without the high price tag or steep learning curve. This workflow really allows you to streamline every phase of development: design, engineering, concept, modeling, prototyping, manufacturing and documentation.

Creaform is an authorized distributor of 3D Systems’s Geomagic software solutions.

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