Pipeline Integrity Assessment Training Courses

Pipeline Integrity AssessmentOur training sessions on pipeline integrity assessment will allow you to master all the steps in pipeline scanning and data analysis for both corrosion and mechanical damage assessments. Our Creaform Campus trainers will guide you through all the steps so that you’re able to conduct scans and analyze data in any environment.

Hands-on sessions are included to ensure that training is adapted to your needs and to rapidly identify participants’ strengths and areas needing improvement. Our trainers will also help you boost work efficiency and quality.


  • 3D scanning for pipelines
    • Corrosion assessment
    • Mechanical damage assessment
  • Analysis of scanned data
  • Assessment report


Pipecheck – Pipeline Corrosion and Mechanical Damage Assessment

This course teaches participants how to perform a 3D scan of a pipeline using a HandySCAN portable 3D laser scanner. It also teaches the knowledge and skills required to assess pipeline corrosion and mechanical damage using Pipecheck software.


  • Start up the system
  • Calibrate and configure the system
  • Understand the technological principles
  • Optimize application-specific operations
  • Produce assessment reports and interpret the results