VXelements 3D acquisition modules

VXelements’ acquisition modules support your 3D measurement and scanning devices. Thanks to their advanced image processing and mesh generation algorithms, the acquisition modules produce higher accuracy and better data quality from 3D measurements, making the results user-independent and maximizing device performance.

The acquisition modules are continuously evolving, as new algorithms are regularly developed to improve VXelements’ 3D measurement capability while consistently making the user experience simpler, faster, and more intuitive. This way, all users, whether new or current, benefit from the addition of features, earning their investment over a longer period of time.

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3D Acquisition Modules

Acquisition modules

A 3D scanning acquisition and optimization module that provides high performance while remaining intuitive for all users regardless of their prior experience or level of expertise.

Thanks to its user guidance during scanning sessions, VXscan extracts superior mesh quality while providing users with innovative, continuously improved features, including the following:


Live mesh visualization

What you see is what you get


Smart resolution

Intelligent resolution levels where you need them


Mesh enhancement

Sophisticated algorithms for optimal mesh quality

A user-friendly touch probing module that is used for 3D data acquisition and compatible with all major metrology software.


A powerful and unique photogrammetry software module that offers the best photogrammetry with unrivaled accuracy through its unparalleled ease of use and real-time user guidance.


Use your Creaform 3D Measurement Device to its Full Potential

See the power of VXelements’ acquisition modules with your own eyes.


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