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New features VXelements 2


VXelements 2


Improvements to the High Resolution mode

The high resolution mode has been reworked and is now much more efficient. In the screenshot, you can also notice the improvement that has been done on the ribs, which show up much better at the same resolution.

New Facets Optimization Functionality

When you do a demo for RE, activate this feature in order to produce a really clean result directly when you stop the scan. The results below speak for themselves.

Improvement to ribs

Scanning a rib (a surface which is thin, but still has a measurable thickness) has always been a challenge with VXelements. These parts have received the love and attention that they deserve.

Scan in Point Mode

It is now possible to scan to a point cloud, which is NOT the vertices of the triangles of the facets. The result is a dense point cloud, which is managed directly by VXelements. Note: It is not possible to have both facets and points in the same session. You can convert facets to a point cloud by changing the scan mode in the menu or in the toolbar.

VXelements 1

New brand vision

Software evolution and continuously improved

No more scanning volume

Bounding box will no longer be displayed in order to optimize the scanning volume (volume size and the resolution).This feature is available for ALL Creaform portfolio of handheld portable 3D scanners

Automatic hole filling

When this feature is selected, such time consuming operation can be automatically taken care of by the software itself.

Photogrammetry Model Display

Allows the user to navigate between the 3d view, the image View and the Combined View

VXscan 4

link between VxScan and the HandyPROBE system

The probing functions in VxScan are available in the Entities node, via the Probing button in the toolbar. This option is available if HPS and VxScan are installed on the same machine. Upon launching this option, HPS will be launched and the HandyPROBE system can then be used in order to create entities by probing.

VXscan 3


Replacing the old Reference node in the scan tree, it now makes it possible to create basic geometrical entities directly on the scan data such as planes, lines, points, spheres, cylinders, circles and to measure basic distances between entities.

Image processing module was redone and improved

This module is responsible of the analysis the images coming in from the scanner and it extracts the relevant information. This revision makes it better on small objects on high contrast background and gives a more efficient acquisition of the measurements on the surface.

Reconstruction of the boundaries

The boundaries are now built with smaller triangle, which allows a good representation, even with a modest resolution.

VXscan 2

Automatic Multiresolution

The new Decimate Triangles slider makes it possible to keep a higher resolution when needed, while keeping larger triangles on flat surfaces

Improvements to the 3D Viewer

  • New Lock Zoom function lets you zoom on particular details while scanning
  • Redesigned live surface rendering
  • Enhanced lighting and shading
  • Quick dynamic rendering mode

Delete Facets Permanently

Possible to delete facets permanently from the scanned object.

VXscan 1

Real time 3D rendering visualization

Creaform releases a powerful 3D scanning technology powered by a user friendly interface called VXscan

VXscan was fast live processing software for 3D data, it was built to speed optimization and to maintain the highest level of stability.