Use of 3D scanner increases efficiency and reduces labor and material costs

From the left: A hand with a gray glove holds a Go!SCAN 3D scanner with which a forging die for a truck axle is scanned.

Precise measurement helps to optimize the amount of weld metal required for forging tools

Management and customers demand realistic implementation of individual welding processes at low costs. These costs are often caused by inefficient work processes, such as reworking due to excess or insufficient use of materials, or customer complaints.

I.S.S. Tooltec GmbH & Co. KG has been a competent partner to the steel and drop forging industry for wear protection and repair welding work for almost 15 years. This work is carried out on a variety of components such as dies, cutting tools, stretching rollers, forging saddles, rollers and drawing rings. The company also offers comprehensive advice on wear analyses and material selection, which helps extend the service life of valuable tools. Well-known customers from large-scale industry put their trust in the expertise, experience and quality of the work performed by I.S.S. Tooltec.

In order to increase work efficiency and minimize costs and complaints, I.S.S. Tooltec GmbH & Co. KG decided to implement 3D measurement technology, to carry out engraving comparisons on a wide variety of forming tools in the forging industry.

Before 3D metrology equipment was introduced in the company, it was always difficult to estimate whether the amount of weld metal applied was sufficient to ensure that subsequent tool processing (engraving or milling) would be error-free. In addition, performing these measurements was also intended to help avoid using too much or too little welding material. Too much material means a high cost factor, too little means complaints from the end customer.
The 3D scanner Go!SCAN SPARK was exactly what they needed: it offers the required accuracy, flexibility, measuring speed, easy-to-use hardware and software, and is user-friendly – and Creaform provided the necessary training and support. Furthermore, it was good value for money. According to I.S.S. Tooltec, implementing the system into their daily business activities was very easy and training took place within a few days, so that they were able to handle the technology confidently in a very short time.


Engraving comparison on a forming tool

Tools are scanned before and after the welding process and compared with CAD data. This ensures that all the required welding quantities can be precisely adhered to.


In this example, the 3D scan enables Tooltec to compare the tool they welded with the customer’s design file (CAD). This makes it possible to determine whether or not enough weld metal has been used.


3D scan in the VXinspect software and Engraving comparison after welding on a forming tool with color comparison.

3D scan in the VXinspect software and engraving comparison after welding on a forming tool with color comparison.

The inspection software VXinspect they used – a module of Creaform’s VXelements software suite – allows for dimensional inspections to be carried out and inspection reports to be created based on precise technical requirements. It is intuitive and guides the operator step by step through the inspection process: Scan > Import scan file for CAD comparison > Alignment > Analysis > Inspection report.

I.S.S. Tooltec was impressed with the 3D scanner Go!SCAN SPARK and VXinspect: “The 3D measurement solution from Creaform has helped us to work significantly more efficiently and cost-effectively. We have already expanded the use of the scanner in our operations. In addition to the above-mentioned area of application, we now also use 3D scanners to perform scanning services.”

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