A New Dimension of Quality: Georg Utz Holding AG Transforms Quality Control Processes with Go!SCAN 3D

Georg Utz Holding AG is a globally recognized manufacturer of plastic products specifically designed for transport and intralogistics. It is the global market leader in producing customized reusable plastic packaging solutions.

The company has 1400 employees at 8 locations on 3 continents, creating and manufacturing custom, sustainable, reusable logistics packaging and technical parts made from plastic for over 70 years.

Technician using Creaform’s Go!SCAN 3D scanner.

Challenge: Legacy Probing Solutions Compromise Inspection Quality

With a wide-reaching influence in the industry, Georg Utz Holding AG is committed to maintaining high standards of quality and innovation in its production processes.

However, the company’s quality control team faced several challenges. Traditional touch probing methods were influenced by unstable areas when technicians took 3D measurements, providing insufficient data for analyzing warping behaviour. It was nearly impossible to transfer the data from touch probing to CAD systems.

In addition, the team received an ever-increasing number of requests to capture the 3D measurement data for items that had no existing CAD-based data or models.

These limitations prevented Georg Utz Holding AG’s capability to meet stringent customer requirements, generate quality inspection reports for client approvals, and maintain a competitive edge.

Solution: Creaform’s Go!SCAN 3D Offers Unprecedented Accuracy and Interoperability

In response to these challenges, Georg Utz Holding AG began looking for new 3D measurement solutions. The team’s main requirements for the solution were severalfold. The ideal solution had to:

  • Be portable
  • Feature contactless 3D measurement capabilities
  • Integrate with CAD software
  • Ensure complete and reliable surface alignment

The company decided to acquire Creaform’s Go!SCAN 3D, a white-light and portable 3D scanner, is designed specifically for “first-time-right” 3D measurements on all types of complex surfaces.

Offering the easiest and fastest 3D scanning experience, the Go!SCAN 3D was quickly selected for its professional-grade versatility in a wide range of applications: concept prototyping, quality control and reverse engineering.

“The introduction of Creaform’s technology marked a significant shift from our traditional measurement tools to advanced 3D scanning systems,” explained Tony Uhler, Project Manager at Georg Utz Holding AG. “The implementation process was smooth. Within a few weeks, the company’s staff became proficient with the new system, accelerating our production throughput and product acceptance tests.”

Tony continued: “For us, the Go!SCAN 3D closes the gap between complex 3D scanners in the measuring lab and simple manual measurements using callipers or similar tools. Go!SCAN 3D is a portable device that can be used in setups for load tests directly on the shop floor for acceptance tests on different suppliers’ premises.”

Results: Go!SCAN 3D Boosts Production Accuracy and Efficiency

Using Creaform’s solutions substantially improved Georg Utz Holding AG’s production accuracy and efficiency. The ability to capture detailed 3D data and integrate it with existing CAD software and equipment enabled faster and more effective quality control and quality assurance processes.
“Implementing Creaform’s technology has totally transformed how we handle measurements and quality control. It ensures that we stay ahead in a competitive market by enabling rapid and accurate product inspections,” he added. “We can now capture the product as a 3D mesh and send it to our teams for further processing by our overseas teams. That is a time-saver for our quality control teams.”

As Georg Utz Holding AG looks to the future, the company envisions expanding its service offering to verify and improve FEM and FEA calculations.

By harnessing the power of the Go!SCAN 3D, Georg Utz Holding AG has dramatically improved its production quality and operational efficiency, setting a new benchmark in the industry. This strategic enhancement strengthens their commitment to exceeding customer expectations.

Optimizing 3D measurements with integrated 3D scanning software, VXmodel

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