How 3D Optical Devices Improve Point Cloud Accuracy

As presented at CMSC

CMSCCreaform's is known for developing highly accurate and reliable 3D optical measurement devices that are strikingly easy to operate. The success of our technologies with end users is mostly bound to our approach of intelligent measurement.

3D optical sensor technologies can capture a huge number of data observations at very high rates, on the surface of objects. Based on that huge number of data observations, Creaform has developed a new framework to generate very accurate points. Thanks to this technological advancement and based on the concept of intelligent measurement, it is now possible to deliver a very accurate high density set of points, in real time and without noise.

Intelligent measurement process, data framework, real-time processing, calibration and acquisition model are a few keys elements of Creaform's technological fundamentals that make for more accurate systems in 3D optical metrology.

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