A Long Range Coincidence… or is it?

For this time, I’d like to go with a personal experience. I’m just back from Dassault Systemes Consumer Conference in Orlando, FL (DSCC 2009) followed by the VAR Symposium and coincidentally, most of the time, discussions were leading to 3D Long Range Scanning. Just take a look at three subjects that were discussed and one more that I’ve heard a lot in my passed business trip:

The Economic Turmoil: Investment on Infrastructure Projects.
• A New Way to Teach with 3DVIA Virtools.
• Energy Industry Solutions.
• Forensic Metrology.


With Dassault welcoming words and the President messages we heard about how it’s time to bounce back from the tough situation, seek out new incomes and revenues… As most governments are investing in infrastructure projects, isn’t it the right time to show what the 3D scanning can do to improve field productivity? Many buildings, roads, bridges were build in time where everything was in 2D… no that we have move to computers, projects will need to acquire the 3D area on site to perform the task required.



Maxime Jacottin did a presentation about 3DVIA Virtools. This software help you create interactive real-time experiences and it’s getting very popular for virtual training. He showed us an oil rig and was performing day to day task on it as well a simulating possible problems, acting like a real technician would walk around and do a bunch of tasks. To do such thing you have to get all 3D data of your training environment.



In the coming years, many power plants will have extensions, revamps or retrofits and minimizing shutdown will be a key to success. Long range scanners can reach further than 1000 feet so it’s possible to keep everyone safe as well. The speaker was showing topographic surveys and volume calculations, thing easily done with a 3D long range scanner. People are not use to reach out for those technologies but times are changing and I feel a rising need.


This subject was not talked about at DSCC but from time to time, I would hear someone talk about forensic and I’ve met some crime scene drafting technician to who those technologies could help a lot. And it’s going further; companies are now doing forensic animation. It’s a lot more eye catching to see an animation comparing to pictures and sketches.


My whole point is that I’m impressed how it evolves. Some years ago, I use to hear about long range on rare occasions as an additional help to our Handyscan 3D technologies. But this last week, everything seems to be around long range. Maybe it’s time for long range to join the other 3D scanners in the spotlight!



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