Creaform ACADEMIA: Getting a handle on handheld 3D scanners

Creaform ACADEMIA: Getting a handle on handheld 3D scanners
Creaform ACADEMIA, Creaform’s latest educational solution suite, has been designed with forward-thinking engineering professors in mind who want to incorporate the latest innovations in and approaches of metrology within their courses and lab work.
As many professors know, metrology now permeates many manufacturing environments for product development, reverse engineering, and quality control. Even the civil engineering sector is leveraging the potential of metrology for accurate NDT in even the harshest conditions. Today’s engineering students need to get on the metrology bandwagon if they want to thrive in the engineering workplaces of tomorrow. And academics need to get on board to adequately prepare students for this eventuality by updating their course material and lab assignments.

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In past blog posts, we explained that Creaform ACADEMIA features a free teaching kit with a myriad of presentations, tutorial videos, sample data sets and free software licenses of VXmodel, Creaform’s scan-to-CAD software module, and VXinspect, a 3D inspection software for first article inspections and quality control. We also explained a typical use case of all the material available for both theoretical courses and lab work.

Until now, our use case allowed students to upload canned sample datasets into their metrology software. But what if students could learn how to generate their datasets themselves? Creaform ACADEMIA’s educational solution suite offers a pack of three professional-grade, portable 3D scanners, called ACADEMIA. These ultra-affordable 3D scanners have been developed specifically for teaching applications, meaning that training time is kept to a minimum.

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Here is how the use case would continue with ACADEMIA 3D scanners. Once the students have tried their hand at uploading and manipulating the sample datasets in VXinspect and VXmodel, they can try scanning an object themselves with an ACADEMIA scanner. The object could be a chair or any other item that is aligned with the level of complexity the professor wants the students to achieve. Once scanned, students could be required to add a new feature or improve the existing design. Now how is that for hands-on experience!

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By adding ACADEMIA educational scanners to their curricula, professors offer students a more complete and concrete course. In addition, students will be much more engaged and incited to show off their ingenuity.

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