Creaform Welcomes Minister of State (EDAC) Denis Lebel

Today is Commercialization Day in Canada. To mark the event, we welcomed Mr. Denis Lebel, Minister of State at Economic Development Agency of Canada to our facilities.

Mr. Lebel made a speech in which he emphazised the importance for his government to pursue financial support programs to new Canadian companies as per research and development. It is true that such grants come very helpful for start-up companies that choose innovation as their driving force.


Creaform’s president, Mr. Charles Mony, did confirm that Creaform  benefited  from the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Incentive Program in its early years, and that federal government support proved extremely useful in supporting the company towards the development of the innovative Handyscan 3D portable scanning technology.

Full press release from the Government of Canada.

Extra pictures taken during the press briefing on Creaform’s Facebook fan page.

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