Sampling of Pumps and Pump Systems

Inspections with coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and surface reconstructions

Laptop and screen on a desk displaying blueprints of a pump part and 3D scan in VXelementsManufacturers of pumps and assemblies are usually faced with the challenge of accurately measuring complex components with internal contours, such as flow channels inside impellers or pump housings with their complex geometries. Sophisticated geometry is an important aspect in determining the level of pump efficiency that can be achieved. This is essential for our customers, as it determines the relationship between the power supplied and the power delivered, and must therefore be as high as possible. Factors, such as pump efficiency and many other product features, determine which supplier can establish itself in the top end of the market.


At the WILO Group, one of the world’s leading premium suppliers of pumps and pump systems for building technology, water management, and industrial applications, the challenge was the exponential development of the number of sample parts as well as their sampling and inspections. A measuring system was sought that would close the gap between measurements made with a 3D coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and surface reconstructions. The requirements explicitly called for a flexible system that was easy to use. It also had to generate highly accurate results and enable fast processing of the recorded measurement data.

Pump part being scanned with a HandySCAN BLACKThe choice was made for the HandySCAN BLACK from Creaform, a portable 3D scanner for quality assurance and product development. Training was quickly completed with all internal teams.

The scanner is now an integral part of WILO’s sampling process for components that will ultimately be installed in pumps and pump systems. A decisive advantage is that the parts can now be partially verified without the complex hydraulic measuring procedure of a measuring laboratory with the corresponding test tanks. Another advantage is that even reflective surfaces can be easily digitalized with the HandySCAN BLACK, which was an important capability for WILO.


Currently, the scanner is not only used in our approval process for new product development, but also for existing components and the creation of digital drawings and CAD models. All in all, we are very satisfied with the scanner. We were definitely not disappointed in our expectations of the product’s features, says Ralf Schinnerling, Operations Quality Engineer at WILO.

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