Mixing 3D Scanning With Chemical Engineering To Set New Quality Standards in the Industry

WAB-GROUP is where innovation and tradition come together to provide customers with world-class solutions in the areas of wet grinding technology, three-dimensional shaking mixing technology, and flow chemistry.

Globally present in 42 countries worldwide and locally anchored in its new, state-of-the-art headquarters in Muttenz (Switzerland) since 2008, WAB-GROUP has produced 26,950 systems and served 10,000 customers since its foundation in 1933.

With a rich history of innovation and a clear commitment to progress, WAB-GROUP has been setting new quality standards in process technologies for over 60 years. Its innovative solutions, which include agitator bead mills, 3D shaker mixers, and agitator bead mill reactors, have been revolutionizing the world of chemical and process engineering ever since.

WAB-GROUP’s wide range of machines has been developed to meet the needs of research, manufacturing, and industry alike and target specific industries like paints and finishes, crop protection, printing, coatings, battery materials, and life sciences, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food.

Limitation of Manual Tools, Dimensions not Inspected

WAB-GROUP contacted Creaform with a specific requirement: to inspect the dimensions of components produced both in-house and by subcontractors. The team wanted to ensure that all shapes and hole positions were within specified tolerances. However, some of the dimensions on their machines were difficult to measure accurately with manual tools.

Due to the difficulty in inspecting certain dimensions, there were concerns that non-compliant components may not assembled correctly, compromising the proper functioning of the grinding or mixing mechanism. The head of Quality Assurance, Mathias Keller, stated that they required more accurate data and quicker measurements than their current tactile measuring devices could provide. This was necessary to ensure that all dimensions and hole positions matched the CAD model accurately.

All components had to comply with technical requirements for internal circulation during fabrication and before being shipped to customers as spare parts.

Asset of 3D Scanners, More Accurate Data Faster

After considering various options, the quality assurance department at WAB-GROUP selected Creaform’s HandySCAN 3D|BLACK Series. This 3D laser scanner stood out due to its unique features, such as its portability, simplicity, versatility, and speed.

Engineer using the Creaform HandySCAN 3D|BLACK Series to scan a machine housing and looking at the 3D model on a computer screen.

Engineer scanning of a machine housing with the HandySCAN 3D|BLACK Series, with VXinspect in the background.

Due to the 3D scanner’s portability, the quality assurance team can conduct part inspections at the supplier’s location, ensuring prompt initial acceptance of the parts. Its lightweight and ergonomic design makes it easy to carry the device anywhere a part inspection is required.

Its simplicity and user-friendliness facilitate its operation and shorten its learning curve. VXinspect, the inspection module of VXelements, makes the user experience even more enjoyable due to its intuitive interface. The quality assurance team also considers its interface more modern than other software available on the market.

3D model of the machine housing shown on the VXinspect software module.

VXinspect software showing the 3D model of a machine housing.

The BLACK Series’s versatility enables the quality assurance team to inspect complex shapes with several holes and intricate cavities with a surprisingly fine level of detail. The 3D scanning technology also allows measuring complete 3D surfaces instead of only discrete points, making the inspection more accurate. Finally, the measurement speed had the most resonance at WAB-GROUP, allowing them to accelerate the inspection time.

Faster Inspection Time, Higher Product Quality

Integrating the HandySCAN 3D|BLACK Series into WAG-GROUP’s quality assurance instruments has significantly accelerated the inspection process. This time saving has freed up hours for more measuring tasks and liberated resources for other productive activities, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process. The faster inspection time has also improved the accuracy and consistency of quality checks, leading to higher product quality and fewer discrepancies with CAD models.

The impact and usefulness of the HandySCAN 3D|BLACK Series goes beyond quality inspections for WAB-GROUP. It will also be a valuable resource for testing and validating new development projects, ensuring that new product dimensions comply precisely with technical requirements—one more way to confirm that they are committed to quality and progress in their field of expertise.


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