Once Fastest Train Now Immortalized to the Finest Detail with 3D Scanning

Developing a new type of train that could transport luxury tourists from Tokyo to mountain resorts, such as Hakone and Mount Fuji, and beaches, such as Odawara and Enoshima, in less time. That was the Odakyu Electric Railway’s mission when the company undertook the design of the Romance Car (ロマンスカー, Romansukā) in 1957. Although its name evokes love and passion, this resort train broke the world’s highest speed record of 145 km/h (90 mph) for narrow gauge trains, setting the momentum for the design of the first Shinkansen—known as the bullet train in English.

Opening in April 2021, the Romance Car now has its own museum in Ebina City (Kanagawa Prefecture), where visitors can explore the history of the most famous train in Japan after the Shinkansen. A simulator offers an impressive travel experience from the driver’s seat, and a diorama recreates the railway connections between Shinjuku and Hakone. While a gallery shows a collection of historical Romance Cars admired throughout the ages, two retired leading Romance Cars and one middle wagon are also on display.

In this pleasant environment, Anritsu seized the opportunity to convert the first Romance Car into 3D data. Thanks to the Go!SCAN SPARK, engineers can now analyze the iconic train to the smallest detail. We invite you to witness this timeless capture with us.




Scan the Entire Romance Car

The shape of the first Romance Car was entirely converted into 3D data using the Go!SCAN SPARK. The streamlined front end with mid-mounted circular headlights, the outline of large windows (essential for viewing the passing scenery), the driver’s cabin and seat—everything specific to the emblematic railroad car—was digitized. From extensive features to intricate details, Anritsu’s engineers measured and reproduced the irregularity and distortion of the train’s surface.


Fast and Easy 3D Data Conversion with the Go!SCAN SPARK

 Designed to offer the fastest and easiest 3D experience, the Go!SCAN SPARK can perform up to 1,500,000 measurements per second without specific setup or surface preparation. As seen in the video, the engineers simply pointed and shot!

The plug-and-play device is so user-friendly that anyone can begin scanning any object (as large as a train compartment) within minutes, without prior experience. The simple user interface offers real-time mesh visualization and quick integration into your preferred CAD software.

 As shown in the video, the high resolution and level of detail of the Go!SCAN SPARK created spectacular results, simultaneously acquiring color and texture information. Because the Go!SCAN SPARK is easy to handle and light to carry, scanning the entire Romance Car (outside and inside) was effortless.

Everything about the Go!SCAN SPARK has been considered to make this 3D experience efficient and enjoyable.


New Odakyu Railway’s Red Romance Car

The iconic Romance Car’s farewell service occurred on March 8, 1992. Many rail fans swarmed the tracks, taking pictures of the train. This enthusiasm led the Odakyu Electric Railway to unveil the next generation of their famous Romance Car series. The distinctive vermilion exterior of the new Romance Car is indeed a tribute to the original train.

As expected, the demand for seats in the observation compartments outstrips their availability. The Romance Car Museum remains a place for historians and nostalgic fans to observe and celebrate the original icon. And they can rest assured that it will never be lost because the Romance Car has been forever immortalized in 3D data.

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