Pipecheck 5.0: Boosted Features and Support Thanks to Customer Demand

Do you work for an NDT service company or pipeline owner and are in charge of all NDT for a large-scale pipeline? Have you considered using Creaform’s Pipecheck NDT and pipeline management software to assess corrosion and mechanical damage on your infrastructure? Or do you currently use Pipecheck’s pipeline inspection software and were looking for added features and extra contextual support for your analyses?


Great news! Pipecheck 5.0 is now here.

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Pipecheck 5.0 is an industry game changer, based on market demand, for pipeline management software and solutions that help NDT service companies: acquire new clients, perform faster and more in-depth inspections of full-length pipelines, and facilitate technician onboarding and use. In a bid to democratize long pipeline integrity and safety inspections, Pipecheck 5.0 now enables NDT technicians to carry out assessments on pipelines that measure up to 60 ft. In the past, this type of capability was only reserved for a few service companies, which developed proprietary solutions to accomplish the task. Today, however, Creaform has leveled the playing field; any NDT inspection company, regardless of their size, can now offer full-length pipeline inspections to pipeline owners looking for accurate and repeatable NDT data acquisition and assessments.

In addition to being able to apply for pipeline integrity and safety contracts of over 10 ft., NDT service companies can benefit from Pipecheck 5.0’s unmatched performance: data acquisition, analysis and reporting is six times faster than previous versions. Corrosion and mechanical damage on pipes are easier to view so that NDT technicians can more quickly detect and red-flag critical infrastructure and safety issues.

What’s more: Pipecheck 5.0 was designed so that technicians of various skill levels can easily use the pipeline inspection software. With improvements to the user interface and contextual help, technicians can efficiently carry out pipeline inspections, offering the accuracy and repeatability required for compliant pipeline inspections—without slowing down inspection schedules and causing unnecessary prolonged pipeline downtimes.

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Creaform’s commitment to constantly updated its pipeline management software is ongoing. Would you like to learn more about Pipecheck 5.0 and how it can optimize the way your NDT technicians conduct full-length pipeline inspections? Get more info

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