Q1 of 2011: We Are Off to a Very Good Start!

Wow! This is actually really good news.

We have had our 2nd best quarter in history, with $8.2 million sales and a YOY growth of 56%. The month of March alone was SPEC-TA-CU-LAR, with 54% of the total revenues.

Overall Creaform technologies sales and 3D Engineering services are doing great with respectively 77% and 51% growth over Q1 of 2010.

According to our CEO, Martin Lamontagne, “Since the foundation of the company, this has been our busiest Q1 ever. We have exceeded our budget estimates in almost all business lines, and show exceptional results. This is very promising for the remaining of the year, but we have no intention in resting on our laurels. We rather see this as a challenge to work harder at trying to surpass our 2011 goal of $34 million in sales”.

North America and EMEA have shown sky-rocketing growth in technologies sales, with 191% and 132% respectively over 2010. As for Asia, our subsidiaries over there show the strongest sales figures overall and managed to increase their sales by 25% over 2010.

Read the complete press release.

Looking forward to yet another successfull Q2!!

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