What to expect from the new PCMM HandyPROBE Next

As you may have heard, we just proudly launched the newly redesigned HandyPROBE Next, our new portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM). And you may be wondering: what’s in it for me? Well, where shall we begin?


The measurements taken with the new HandyPROBE Next are 2X more accurate than before for your QC inspection! That’s right, we simply doubled the already stellar accuracy of the PCMM . Its volumetric accuracy is now 0.064 mm (0.0025 in.), and is ASME B89.4.22 compliant. And the best part is that, thanks to our TRUaccuracy technology, this level of accuracy for a probing system can be achieved regardless of any environment-related instabilities.

HandyPROBE Next: metrology-grade measurements

HandyPROBE Next: metrology-grade measurements


The HandyPROBE Next PCMM is not only lighter and sturdier, but its carbon structure was optimized with FEA, leading to an excellent weight distribution. This means an overall better user experience, as Quality Control experts can comfortably perform longer inspection work sessions than ever before. The HandyPROBE Next can furthermore be operated from 2 ergonomics positions: a more stable “stylus pen style”, as well as a more versatile “joystick style”.

HandyPROBE Next: PCMM optimized for use on the shop floor

HandyPROBE Next: PCMM optimized for use on the shop floor


The HandyPROBE Next wireless probe now means that coordinates are captured instantly, without any rigid measurement setup required. This CMM enables starting to work faster, which combined with its ease of use and freedom of movement, results in helping manufacturers constantly improve their quality standards.

HandyPROBE Next: 5X faster in point acquisition

HandyPROBE Next: 5X faster in point acquisition

And that’s not all… Our new enhanced optical-based contact inspection solution was based on the actual needs of QC experts who face increasingly rigorous quality control demands and must rely on a completely shop-floor-ready CMM. Click to see all of its additional new features and technical specs.

Make sure to also check our new and improved optical CMM the MetraSCAN 3D, which, as part of our comprehensive quality control solution, can add 3D scanning capabilities to your inspection sequence.

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