Metrolog X4 Software Authorized Distributor

Metrologic Group specializes in the design and marketing of 3D measurement-related electronic and software solutions. We regularly develop new direct interfaces that enable compatibility with all Creaform 3D scanners and HandyPROBE PCMM.

The new Metrolog X4 platform not only provides new computerized architecture and advanced technology as in the current systems (Windows 64-bit and multiprocessor PC), thus considerably increasing the performance and throughput of your metrology software, but additionally aims at simplifying your day-to-day measurement operations.

  • The software integrates the latest Creaform optical 3D measurement technology.
  • The 64-bit, multi-core and multitask native development brings two main benefits:
    • The ability to import and handle CAD files or dense, heavy point clouds;
    • The ability to considerably reduce conversion or projection time while using large sets of data (SDAC, cloud points…)
  • Comparison system between cloud points and the CAD (color mapping).
  • Extracting elements and automatically applying geometrical tolerance.
  • User-friendly treatment of flushes and gaps.
  • Measuring material thickness.
  • Estimating part quality according to the mm² surface (area calculation).
  • Multi-connection: ability to switch from one measurement mean to another anytime.
  • User-friendly GUI that can be entirely customizable to adapt to the operator’s work habits, type of device used, and measurement type.
  • Single action windows for Measuring/Defining/Building.
  • New manual probing assistant.
  • Automatic view orientation during data acquisition.
  • Multiple information windows (position and results).
  • Simple, functional and powerful report editor.
  • Available in 18 languages, which you can switch on-the-fly.

Metrologic X4 is compatible with all Creaform portable measurement devices, and can be integrated to robotized systems as well and third party measurement systems (e.g. CMM trackers and measuring arms).

Creaform is an authorized distributor of the Metrolog X4 inspection software, used with our Metrascan-R robot-mounted CMM scanner.

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