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Remote Desktop Access to CAD Software: VXremote

VXremote improves your efficiency in the field by providing fast and easy remote access to VXelements. You can quickly activate and set up VXremote: it requires no hardware or server to install or maintain. You have all its data acquisition functionalities right at your fingertips.


VXremote is a TRUsimplicity solution, which can be used for all Creaform technologies, to visualize in real-time the part to be measured. Since it is fully integrated into VXelements, VXremote gives you full control of the measurement process. It provides even more freedom to measure objects—all while being far from your computer. As Creaform technologies have always been designed to be used by one operator, VXremote significantly increases measurement efficiency. Take VXelements anywhere you need to measure and start gaining productivity!

  • No need for Internet access to log in
  • Allows remote access to VXelements’ main functionalities/parameters (start scan, stop scan, resolution, etc.)
  • A must-have when it comes to confined and remote areas
  • Easy data manipulation

VXremote is available only with the Creaform-certified rugged tablets: the 7 in. hand-held tablet and 10 in. tablet with magnetic support.