Creaform Inaugurates Its US Automated Quality-Control Demonstration Center


February 26, 2019

Located in Alabama, the complete CUBE-R station is now available for benchmarks and products demonstrations

Creaform, a worldwide leader in portable and automated 3D measurement solutions, last week inaugurated its new US demonstration and benchmark center for its 3D inspection cell, the CUBE-R™. As a powerful and turnkey automated inspection solution, CUBE-R helps manufacturers and suppliers quickly detect assembly issues during production in order to mitigate costly quality problems after product delivery. Because it is a fast, reliable and efficient alternative to traditional CMMs, CUBE-R can be used for a wide variety of applications, such as sheet metal, casting and composite part inspections.

The new demonstration center will operate at Alabama’s Robotics Technology Park (RTP). The RTP is a collaboration between the state of Alabama, Alabama Community College System, AIDT and robotics industry leaders across the nation. It includes three individual training facilities that target specific industry needs. Furthermore, the RTP is also an accredited test facility for the American Welding Society.

“More and more manufacturers in the automotive industry are requiring that their Tier 1 suppliers provide inspection analyses prior to receiving part shipments,” explained Brad Kaiser, Automated Quality Control Manager at Creaform. “There is also an increasing demand for end-to-end part traceability in order to correct issues quickly and prove product quality. Thanks to the CUBE-R, suppliers can leverage the power of automated inspections and sophisticated optical 3D measurements to cater to manufacturers’ inspection and quality needs.”

With the new partnership, the RTP will use the CUBE-R measurement cell to enhance its R&D and training service offering to its growing clientele. Meanwhile, Creaform will be able show clients the potential the CUBE-R automated 3D scanning CMM could have in their production operations.

“This new demonstration center, which follows on the heels of the inauguration of our first CUBE-R demonstration center, gives our US and Latin American clients unprecedented access to the fastest and most accurate turnkey 3D scanning CMM on the market,” added Jarrod Schmidt, National Sales Manager-USA.

Clients can contact their local sales representative (Brad Kaiser -  to schedule a demo or get more information on Creaform automated measurement solutions. A free evaluation tool is also available for operators and quality managers who wish to have Creaform assess productivity issues in their production processes and gain insight from Creaform’s experts.