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MetraSCAN 3D_Kiteboatspeed project

26. Februar 2015

Creaform und französische Studenten überarbeiten Kiteboatspeed-Projekt

Creaform setzt seine Reverse-Engineering-Kenntnisse für die Gestaltung eines olympiatauglichen Trimaran-Prototyps ein, der für Athleten mit Behinderungen angepasst werden soll.

Lesen Sie mehr (, February 26)

MetraSCAN 3D and C-Track in action

25. Februar 2015

Red Bull Air Race - Optimizing the air race world champion

The Red Bull Air Race 2014 World Champion used the MetraSCAN 3D and MaxSHOT 3D to perform full and accurate analysis of the complete aerodynamic shape of its aircraft.

Lesen Sie mehr (Aerospace Manufacturing and Design, January/February 2015, p. 86-88)

Scan-to-3D print

18. Februar 2015

The business of 3D printing

Thomas Wilk, Chief editor of Plant Services explores the common routes to market for 3D printing products and services and features insight from François Leclerc, Go!SCAN 3D Product Manager.

Lesen Sie mehr (Plant Services, February 2015)


24. November 2014

Creaform’s Go!SCAN 3D scanner was used on episode of the hit series BONES

It was used by Dr. Brennan and the team used it to solve an ongoing murder investigation. Needless to say, they caught the culprit! BONES attracts between 8 to 10 million viewers a week.

Lesen Sie mehr (FOX. Bones. Season 10. Episode 6.)

History Channel

24. November 2014

The Curse of Oak Island: Return to the Money Pit

Our Go!SCAN 3D was recently featured on the History Channel. In episode 02 of the second season of The Curse of Oak Island, the team digitized an ancient petroglyph directly in the woods to help solve the mysteries of the island.

Lesen Sie mehr (History Channel. Season 2. Episode 2. (Only available for US citizens))


1. November 2014

Inspektion einer Heckkarosserie bei Nova Bus – mit dem tragbaren Koordinatenmessgerät HandyPROBE von Creaform kein Problem!

Das Projekt wurde von Creaform abgewickelt, einem Unternehmen, das sich auf die Entwicklung und Herstellung tragbarer 3D-Messtechnologien sowie auf 3D-Engineering-Services spezialisiert hat. Bei dem Kunden handelte es sich um Nova Bus, einen führenden Autobushersteller in Nordamerika.

Lesen Sie mehr (Industrie Online Journal)

Soucy International

14. Oktober 2014

Tracking the path of success

Quebec’s Soucy Track leverages Creaform 3D scanning technology to boost accuracy of the company’s custom-built farming machinery rubber track systems.

Lesen Sie mehr (Design Engineering Magazine, p. 34-36)

Challenging Metrology

10. Oktober 2014

Challenging metrology. How portable CMMs can work for you.

When it comes to metrology, there are varied and highly sophisticated options available. As technology advances, so have levels of convenience and useability of measuring devices.

Lesen Sie mehr (Canadian Metalworking, October 2014, p. 82-84)


8. Oktober 2014

Nova Bus, with Creaform Metrology Services, Partner on testing

Creaform had to inspect the state of a vehicle rear chassis and compare it to the mounting points of the radiator.

Lesen Sie mehr (Passenger Transport, p.67)

30. September 2014

When CFD secures the manufacturing process of vaccines (English only)

Bringing Vaccine Manufacturing Validation to the Next Level using CFD: Creaform Upgrades the Regulatory Compliance Process of Pharmaceutical Environments. Philippe B. Vincent & François Turgeon about CFD in Dynamics #37 – p.16.

Lesen Sie mehr (Dynamics #37 – p.16)