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30 de septiembre de 2014

When CFD secures the manufacturing process of vaccines (English only)

Bringing Vaccine Manufacturing Validation to the Next Level using CFD: Creaform Upgrades the Regulatory Compliance Process of Pharmaceutical Environments. Philippe B. Vincent & François Turgeon about CFD in Dynamics #37 – p.16.

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23 de septiembre de 2014

Bespoke booms engineered (in English only)

Midwestern side booms are engineered and manufactured to satisfy the requirements of each job and the needs of customers across the globe. The company converts new and used Caterpillar, John Deere, Case, and Komatsu plant into reliable pipe-layers. For one of their project, Midwestern needed scanning files and 3D models to accurately and efficiently design and integrate its side boom attachments onto a bulldozer platform.

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HandySCAN 3D TRUportability

11 de agosto de 2014

3D advancements reviewed in R&D webzine

As the 3D scanning technologies improves just as fast as the demand grows, R&D webzine analyzes this cutting-edge innovative technology and its outstanding achievements. Daniel Brown, HandySCAN 3D product manager at Creaform, opens the door on the evolving world of 3D. Comme le monde de la numérisation 3D progresse à une vitesse fulgurante et que la demande se fait toujours plus grande, le magazine Web R&D a saisi l’occasion d’analyser les dernières innovations dans le domaine du 3D. Interviewé dans cet article, le chef de produit HandySCAN 3D de Creaform, Daniel Brown, ouvre la porte sur un monde en constante évolution.

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Quality Digest Media - Go!SCAN 3D

16 de julio de 2014

Quality Digest Live presents the latest Go!SCAN 20

Dirk Duscharme introduces the features and benefits of our brand-new Go!SCAN 3D 20 on Tech Corner.

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Quality Magazine extact: Resverse Engineering

09 de julio de 2014

Reverse Engineering, Explained

Read Creaform’s latest article in this month’s issue of Quality Magazine.

Leer más (Quality Magazine, July 2014, p. 31)

Quality Magazine

07 de julio de 2014

Nova Bus’ latest project with Creaform solutions

Discover Nova Bus’s latest project with the HandyPROBE and MetraSCAN 70

Leer más (Quality Magazine, May 2014, p. 60)

Quality Digest Media

03 de julio de 2014

Quality Digest's Tech Corner

Check out Quality Digest’s recent Tech Corner, which featured our HandySCAN 700!

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20 de junio de 2014

Finding the flow (in english only)

Creaform's CFD Team leader Pier-Olivier Duval with other Engineering Analysis consultants give their opinion on slippery design challenges.

Leer más (Design Engineering May-June 2014 (p.18-19) by Mike McLeod)

20 de junio de 2014

Quality 101: Back to Basics with 3-D Optical Measurement (in Indonesian only)

Optical 3-D measuring devices’ shop-floor accuracy, decreased sensitivity to environment and higher measurement pace make them strong contenders to traditional quality control devices.

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16 de diciembre de 2013

La Provincia de Jaen se difunde en 3D

La Provincia de Jaén da un paso más en la divulgación internacional de su patrimonio Ibérico.

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