3D Serious Gaming Used for In-House Training

Stimulating employees as part of critical training operations is a never-ending endeavor for employers, which explains why 3D serious gaming and 3D training simulations are becoming increasingly important for in-house training. That’s right, companies must always be on the lookout for new training methods that will bring their human resources to the next level. Serious gaming allows for a lower employee turnover and a better utilization of training resources, among others. This comes as a response to the critical need to mitigate the bearing negative effects of traditional corporate training and boost the potential of companies’ main assets, that is, their employees.

To that effect, E-learning design and development company Designing Digitally has released a white paper titled “Corporate Training Using 3D Serious Games and 3D Training Simulations – Reference Guide for Training Managers.” The white paper purports that 3D immersive learning is extremely effective when it comes to in-house training, whether it has to do with 3D serious gaming or 3D training simulations. The white paper covers the following topics: (i) the differences between 3D training simulations, 3D serious games and virtual worlds; (ii) the benefits of utilizing 3D in training; (iii) the challenges with implementing 3D learning; (iv) the industries and topics where 3D learning is most effective; and (v) the future of 3D learning.

With this release, the E-learning design and development company is firmly intent on proving that 3D serious games, 3D simulations and virtual worlds are the next step of evolution in in-house training.

Source: PRWeb

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