Becoming the Leading Provider of Metrology Laser Scanning for NDT in Scotland: A Case Study Featuring Matrix Advanced NDT Inspection Services Ltd

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After scanning 500+ parts and capturing more than two terabytes of data over the course of 150+ projects, Matrix has established itself as one of Scotland’s leading providers of laser scanning services for non-destructive testing (NDT). Combining inspection knowledge with experience in practical application, the company has always been on the lookout for new technology to enable the safe and effective delivery of its projects while reducing cost and downtime.

Recently, Matrix approached MSL, Creaform’s distributor for the United Kingdom, to offer a new 3D scanning service for both inspection and reverse engineering across a wide range of industries. They also saw the potential of providing this new 3D scanning capability to external companies, as this would increase their return on investment (ROI).

The requirements were less than obvious, though. The applications could be based in-house, onsite, or even offshore. Moreover, the range includes everything from large fabrications, such as turbine blades and subsea clamps, to smaller components, like valves, clamps, and pipe fittings, all of which require inspection for alignment or quality assurance. This blog reveals how MSL’s engineering experience in metrology and equipment from leading manufacturers could answer Matrix’s need for enhanced accuracy and efficiency.

Challenge: Replacing Analog with Digital

In the past few years, Matrix has used standard measuring equipment for validation and photogrammetry, specifically using pit gauges for NDT work. In an effort to find more efficient and repeatable work procedures, they sought to replace their existing analog systems with a solution that could provide digital data files for reverse engineering. With digitalized data, engineers can easily inspect parts in the form of heat maps and cross sections, seamlessly recreating the models and components of the existing parts.

Solution: Portability and Accuracy – Without Compromise

Without a doubt, the solution to Matrix’s requirements would involve 3D scanning. However, to comply with NDT-specific requirements, they needed a measurement technology that is portable yet highly accurate. It was imperative for Matrix that the 3D scanner could be easily packaged away and set back up in a matter of moments to meet customers’ demands. Additionally, the emphasis on accuracy called for a device that could generate highly accurate and repeatable results in the most difficult environments, where it has already been tried and tested. These prerequisites naturally led them to Creaform 3D scanning solutions.

Creaform's MaxSHOT, Go!SCAN, HandyPROBE, MetraSCAN, HandySCAN SILVER and HandySCAN BLACK

Benefit: Scanning Anything Anywhere

Thanks to Creaform’s legendary portability and industry-leading accuracy, Matrix can now bring its measuring toolkit anywhere for onsite inspection or offsite 3D design and reverse engineering. 3D scanners can be used to scan vessels and tanks both indoors and outdoors, as well as scanning turbine blades and pipework to profile any damaged surfaces. This allows the remaining wall thickness to be quickly determined and the required repair or replacement to be easily identified. In addition, the materials and the condition of materials being scanned can vary, including anything from carbon fiber to stainless pipework with damaged surfaces or machine-finished pipework.

Matrix’s Partnership with MSL: A Success Story

Since adding Creaform 3D scanning solutions to its portfolio, Matrix has seen vast improvements in speed, accuracy, and portability, which they believe competitors of MSL would not have been able to achieve.

With this equipment at its disposal, Matrix is now poised to become the leading provider of metrology laser scanning in Scotland when it comes to reverse engineering applications and data acquisition for NDT. There are also plans for further expansion into automotive, aerospace, and general engineering organizations, offering them outsourced services in the areas of 3D scanning, reverse engineering, and repair. Matrix is also looking to purchase additional HandySCAN 3D units to provide services to external companies to whom they can either loan the 3D scanner or outsource their scanning requirements to Matrix, depending on in-house resources, budget, and experience. One thing is certain, Creaform will always be proud to contribute to Matrix’s success through its partnership with MSL.

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Thanks to our distributor MSL for sharing this article with Creaform.

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